From The Family Kitchen.
This entry was posted in Pies and Tarts and tagged Cheesecake, Cherry, Cream Cheese, Graham Crackers, No-Bake Cheesecake, Recipe, Tart on September 6, 2012.

This recipe is adapted from a long-time family favourite. Whether we were gathering for Christmas dinner, Easter lunch or just a casual dinner party, my Oma would be lovingly coerced to bring Cherry Delight. Failure to bring said dessert would result in chiding and lots of disapproving head shakes. I wouldn't go as far to...

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Pink Lemonade.
This entry was posted in Desserts and tagged Cherry, Doughnut, Glaze, Icing, Lemon, Lemonade, Recipe on August 4, 2012.

I know, it's hot outside. I should be making ice cream, or popsicles, or lemonade. The last thing I should be doing is turning on the oven. But what if I made the doughnut version of lemonade? And what if I told you they only take five minutes to bake? You'd forgive me right? I...

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Sunsets and Suntans.
This entry was posted in Frozen and tagged Almond, Cherry, Ice Cream, Recipe, Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, White Chocolate on July 4, 2011.

It's officially Summertime. There's always time when we're on Summertime. It's like a magical time zone where days are long and nights are cool. Where sunsets are made of cotton candy clouds and violet watercolour skies. Where the grass is green and the flowers greet you with a smile. Where the popsicles are always cold...

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Thick As Thieves.
This entry was posted in Pies and Tarts and tagged Cherry, Chocolate, Ganache, Hazelnut, Recipe, Tart on June 9, 2011.

Two of my very favourite things are in season right now. Cherries and lilacs. To celebrate I thought I'd combine the two. I made you a Chocolate Hazelnut Cherry Tart and planted my very own lilac bush. The latter was no easy task. Let me explain. First you must know that you should consider me...

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Chocolate. Cherries. Whipped Cream.
This entry was posted in Cakes and tagged Black Forest, Cherry, Chocolate, Recipe, Whipped Cream on February 22, 2011.

I find myself pondering the things in life that I simply could not do without. Everyday ordinary things that somehow have become integral to my very existence. Like my iPhone. If I couldn't check my Twitter every hour you might find me shaking in a corner somewhere in a cold sweat. Or if I just...

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A Slice of Happiness.
This entry was posted in Cakes, Pies and Tarts and tagged Cherry, Lemon, Pastry, Recipe on July 6, 2010.

I made a pie. Can you tell? Did I bake this pie while dancing around the kitchen to Burn the Witch by Queens of the Stone Age? Why yes. How did you know? Did I bake a pie while sporting an adorable navy blue apron with little red tomato polka dots? Of course! Seriously, where...

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Can You Dig It?
This entry was posted in Brownies, Blondies and Squares and tagged Brownies, Cherry, Chocolate, Clafoutis, Recipe on June 16, 2010.

I have been inspired lately with all these lovely photos of Cherry Clafoutis floating around on the interwebs. I was originally tempted to try one out myself, but I was in the mood for something a little different. Something rich. Something decadent. Behold the Cherry Brownie Clafoutis! Ok, so it's not really a clafoutis by...

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Love Muffin: Chocolate Cherry
This entry was posted in Muffins and Scones and tagged Cherry, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Recipe, Sugar on June 1, 2010.

This is the first post of its kind, one of many to come. I've decided to experiment in the wonderful world of muffins once every month or perhaps every two weeks. I love muffins. Don't you love muffins? It's cute. It's muffiny. It's Love Muffin. Now with that said I'd like to address a certain...

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Life is Just A…
This entry was posted in Cupcakes and tagged Almond, Cherry, Cream Cheese, Frosting, Icing, Recipe on May 28, 2010.

...Bowl full of cherries. That's right, I said it. You know why that's such a great metaphor? Because there's nothing better than a bowl full of fresh, bright, juicy deep red cherries. Can you tell I really like cherries? Yes, they are one of my favourite fruits. I imagine the pit has something to do...

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Jonesing for Jones.
This entry was posted in Cakes and tagged Bundt, Cherry, Glaze, Pound, Recipe, Soda Pop on May 18, 2010.

Have you ever had a craving for something you just couldn't ignore? A nagging, overwhelming insurmountable need for a specific thing that couldn't be sated any other way than to ravenously devour the thing in question. For me, recently at least, that thing was Jones Soda. If you've never had this particular brand of soda...

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