Two Berry Creative.
This entry was posted in Announcement, DIY, How To Tuesday and tagged Canisters, Tutorial, Two Berry Creative, Washi Tape on June 14, 2014.

Today I have a fun little DIY tutorial for you. It's super cute and super easy. First I want to talk to you about the lovely Two Berry Creative, our newest sponsor. It's a wonderful shop filled with loads of pretty things that I adore! Things like chevron washi tape, limeade bakers twine, polka dot...

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How To Tuesday: The Gift.
This entry was posted in DIY, How To Tuesday and tagged Christmas, Gift, Holiday, Hot Chocolate, Mix on December 5, 2012.

I am a gifted gifter. I'm not the type of person that asks what you want for Christmas. I'm the type of person that, through my powers of deduction and reasoning, I figure out exactly what you want. I daresay I know what you want better than you do. I live for that warm smile...

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How To Tuesday: Pantry Envy.
This entry was posted in DIY, How To Tuesday and tagged Organization, Pantry on February 22, 2012.

Have you ever caught an episode or two of Chef at Home on Food Network? Chef Michael Smith has the single most amazing walk-in pantry I have ever seen. It's like heaven. Funny how my idea of heaven includes rows upon rows of alphabetized mason jars on back-lit shelves. I have a major case of...

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How To Tuesday: Epiphanies And Polka Dots.
This entry was posted in DIY, Guest Post, How To Tuesday and tagged Napkins, Sewing on January 24, 2012.

Hi there! Long time no see! Have you missed me? I've sure missed you! I hope that you all enjoyed your holidays. I am happy to report that I have thoroughly enjoyed mine. It was filled with turkey, hugs, warm pie, smiles, presents, twinkle lights, shopping bags and even a few epiphanies. Remember when I...

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How To Tuesday: My Sweet Josephine.
This entry was posted in DIY, How To Tuesday and tagged Bracelet, Fabric, Josephine Knot, T-Shirt on June 28, 2011.

After seeing Kristin's friendship bracelet giveaway on Idle Wife, I've hauled out my old bracelet books and thread from when I was a kid. Naturally I've been furiously making all sorts of bracelets. After making six friendship bracelets in two days I decided I needed a new pattern. Following an extensive google session I found...

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I’ve Got Owls. Yes I Do.
This entry was posted in DIY and tagged Decor, Dollarama, Owls, Spray paint on July 30, 2010.

I've got owls. Yes I do. I've got owls. How 'bout you? I'm sure you've noticed recently that owls are the new trend. Owl earrings. Owl jewelry boxes. Owl cookie jars. Owl hot plates. Owl figurines. Owl everything! I heart owls. I also sort of hate that they're so trendy now. Do you ever really...

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