How To Tuesday

Two Berry Creative.
This entry was posted in Announcement, DIY, How To Tuesday and tagged Canisters, Tutorial, Two Berry Creative, Washi Tape on June 14, 2014.

Today I have a fun little DIY tutorial for you. It's super cute and super easy. First I want to talk to you about the lovely Two Berry Creative, our newest sponsor. It's a wonderful shop filled with loads of pretty things that I adore! Things like chevron washi tape, limeade bakers twine, polka dot...

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How To Tuesday: Funny Bunny.
This entry was posted in How To Tuesday and tagged Bunny, Easter, Folding, Holiday, Napkins, Tablescape on March 26, 2013.

Growing up in Ontario bunnies were these cute little critters that lived in the field behind my house. They frolicked like cartoon characters come to life and feasted on my mom's flower gardens. My twenty-four toed double jointed tortoise-shell cat, Scrapper would often wander home with one in his jaws. Here in Alberta bunnies don't...

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How To… Er… Wednesday: Easy As Pie.
This entry was posted in How To Tuesday and tagged Crust, Pastry, Pie, Shrinking, Unshrinking on March 7, 2013.

I've never really understood that phrase. Making pie isn't exactly an easy task but eating pie is definitely both easy and delicious. That's what the phrase really refers to: something that's simple and pleasurable. Like bubble baths, curling up with a good book and cuddling puppies. Try cuddling puppies in the bath with your favourite...

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How To Tuesday: Petal To The Metal.
This entry was posted in Cakes, How To Tuesday and tagged Chocolate, Frosting, Icing, Orange, Petal on February 27, 2013.

You know that picture in your head, the impossibly perfect one? You see it when you're imagining how that royal icing flood will turn out. You see it in the back of your mind when attempting a side dutch braid. You see it clearly when you're trying to match that DIY project you saw on...

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How To Tuesday: The Gift.
This entry was posted in DIY, How To Tuesday and tagged Christmas, Gift, Holiday, Hot Chocolate, Mix on December 5, 2012.

I am a gifted gifter. I'm not the type of person that asks what you want for Christmas. I'm the type of person that, through my powers of deduction and reasoning, I figure out exactly what you want. I daresay I know what you want better than you do. I live for that warm smile...

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How To Tuesday: Chocosaurus Rex.
This entry was posted in Cookies, How To Tuesday and tagged Dinosaur, Gift, Mason Jar on July 11, 2012.

I'm presently propped up in bed with some of the fluffiest pillows I've ever had the pleasure of smushing in our hotel room in Winnipeg. This week we're visiting family and friends and keeping pretty busy between restaurants, swimming pools, museums, zoos, rivers, lakes and camp sites to name a few. I'm the sort of...

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How To Tuesday: Pump Up The Volume.
This entry was posted in How To Tuesday and tagged Bowl, Hedgehog, iPhone, Music, Thorne, Volume on May 30, 2012.

I've seen this tip floating around on the internets for a while now and I just couldn't resist sharing it. You've got to love those simple yet effective fixes! If you're like me and enjoy some tunes on the go, you might have encountered the same problems. You don't have a portable stereo, the radio...

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How To Tuesday: Master of Disguise.
This entry was posted in How To Tuesday and tagged Art, Cover, Disguise, Doorbell, Thermostat on March 7, 2012.

  I have been dying to share this simple and resourceful DIY idea with you for what has felt like ages. It's so easy but yields beautiful results! I'm sure just about everyone has unsightly yet necessary blemishes on their walls at home. Maybe an electrical panel, an intercom, a doorbell or a thermostat. I'd like...

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How To Tuesday: Photography Lighting Part II.
This entry was posted in How To Tuesday and tagged Back Lighting, Diffusing, Food Photography, Lighting, Photography, Reflecting, Side Lighting on February 29, 2012.

I'm going to pick up where I left off with my photography tutorials from months ago. I was talking about lighting and white balance last time. This week I'll discuss lighting directions and the importance of bouncing or reflecting light. For food photography in particular, lighting couldn't be more of a challenge. Highlight here, shadow...

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How To Tuesday: Pantry Envy.
This entry was posted in DIY, How To Tuesday and tagged Organization, Pantry on February 22, 2012.

Have you ever caught an episode or two of Chef at Home on Food Network? Chef Michael Smith has the single most amazing walk-in pantry I have ever seen. It's like heaven. Funny how my idea of heaven includes rows upon rows of alphabetized mason jars on back-lit shelves. I have a major case of...

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