How To Tuesday: Pump Up The Volume.

I've seen this tip floating around on the internets for a while now and I just couldn't resist sharing it. You've got to love those simple yet effective fixes!

If you're like me and enjoy some tunes on the go, you might have encountered the same problems. You don't have a portable stereo, the radio doesn't play your jams and your phone just won't go loud enough. You can download those apps to amplify your volume, but those can't be good for your speakers. You can buy those iPhone docks, but they can get pricey and then you have to worry about cords.

All you'll need is a bowl. That's it. Bigger isn't better, just look for a medium bowl with a smooth indent. I've tried glasses, but bowls work better. The shape of the bowl takes the sound and reflects it back at you effectively amplifying it. Much like a sheet of aluminum foil behind a light bulb enhances the brightness. Just place your phone speaker down in the bowl and listen to the difference.

Incidentally, placing your hedgehog in a bowl amplifies its cuteness. Bowls are good for lots of things! This is Thorne, our new black eyed white African pygmy hedgehog.

Isn't she adorable?!

Just look at that face!

And her little pink nose!

Ok, is this post a shameless attempt to show off this ball of prickly sweetness?

Yes, yes it is.

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