How To Tuesday: Epiphanies And Polka Dots.

Hi there! Long time no see!

Have you missed me? I've sure missed you! I hope that you all enjoyed your holidays. I am happy to report that I have thoroughly enjoyed mine. It was filled with turkey, hugs, warm pie, smiles, presents, twinkle lights, shopping bags and even a few epiphanies.

Remember when I said that I don't know what I want to be when I grow up? Well now I do! I realized that I've always known, but I tried to convince myself otherwise. I thought about it in depth these last couple of months and I have decided that, without a shadow of a doubt, I want to be a writer.

This scary sort of clarity washed over me the instant I made up my mind. There's nothing more frightening than knowing exactly what you want in life and not being able to achieve it. This fear was accompanied by another feeling. Determination. The only way to be certain of failure is to avoid trying altogether. I'm going to try. When it comes to dreams you have to try your best.

I used to lock myself in my bedroom when I was an angst-filled teenager and scribble in stacks of spiral ringed notebooks. I pulled story after story, character after character out of my imagination and brought them to life on the page. I was certain then that I wanted to be a writer, but somewhere along the road I'd forgotten.

Where does Hot Polka Dot fit into all that? Well you see, there's more to me than just flowery words, metaphors and similes. There's also a lot of demerara sugar, sewing needles, light metres, paint brushes, and needle-nose pliers rattling around in my brain. I've realized that Hot Polka Dot is about exploring all the facets to myself. It's about self-expression and self-growth.

Just the fact that you all find it enjoyable and come back for more is so very flattering. I am so thankful for all your support and all the wonderful friends I've made here.

On that note I have a super cute post over on my new favourite blog, Fiesta Résistance. I show you how easy it is to make your own napkins with mitered corners like that adorable pink one up there. Perfect for adding some texture to your food photography, jazzing up your dinner table or giving as a thoughtful and creative housewarming gift. Check it out!

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