I’ve Got Owls. Yes I Do.

I've got owls. Yes I do. I've got owls. How 'bout you?

I'm sure you've noticed recently that owls are the new trend. Owl earrings. Owl jewelry boxes. Owl cookie jars. Owl hot plates. Owl figurines. Owl everything!

I heart owls. I also sort of hate that they're so trendy now.

Do you ever really love something then realize it's so totally in style right now? I hate that! There's always that little voice taunting me in the back of my head calling me a sheep and inferring awful things about brainwashing and bandwagons. Stupid voice. I wish it would shut up.

Like polka dots. And turquoise. And vests. And damask print. And vintage style. And now owls.

So you can never be sure if your love of said thing is sincere or if you've just been made to think it is.

Really though, does it matter? I'm just happy to love stuff. And I do. A lot. Is that bad? Does that make me materialistic? Oh, who cares!

Do you remember my rant about my love of design on a dime schemes? While I very much love stuff, I'm not prepared to pay a lot for said stuff. Instead of shopping to buy things, I shop to get ideas.

So a while ago I saw these adorable and unfortunately a little country owl figurines at the Dollarama. I love their expressions and how each is uniquely cute. But that green is bleh. Just downright awful looking.

I had one of those light-bulb-over-head kind of moments. Instead of buying this sweet little owl lantern or this cooky owl cookie jar I decided to make my own for a fraction of the cost of course. I could spray paint these cheap little cuties whatever colour I wanted to fit into any colour scheme I desired.

So there you have it. Four modern trendy owl figurines for under ten bucks. DIY Trendy Owl Figurines

A few junky looking owl figurines 1 can of spray paint A few pieces of scrap wood or firewood 1 piece of wooden dowel 1 hand saw 1 power drill 1 painting tarp or sheet With your hand saw cut down the dowel to a manageable size that will have enough room to insert into the holes in the bottom of each owl figurine and into the scrap wood.

With your power drill make as many holes as needed the diameter of the dowel in your scrap wood. Insert the dowel into the wood and hang the owls on the other end of the dowels.

Lay down a painting tarp or sheet in a well ventilated area and place your painting contraptions on top.

Evenly spray each owl with a few coats of paint as needed to cover the original colour. Let them dry overnight until the paint is no longer tacky. Enjoy!

PS: Don't they look great on my shelf next to my vase collection?

PPS: Pardon my plain white walls. They will be light gray in due time. Although I kind of like the white on white colour scheme going on there.

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