How To Tuesday: My Sweet Josephine.

After seeing Kristin's friendship bracelet giveaway on Idle Wife, I've hauled out my old bracelet books and thread from when I was a kid. Naturally I've been furiously making all sorts of bracelets. After making six friendship bracelets in two days I decided I needed a new pattern. Following an extensive google session I found these beautiful recycled t-shirt bracelets and vowed to make them my own.

And now you can too! Because you should. Really.

All you need is...

2 pieces of fabric about 18 x 6 inches Scissors Pliers 2 ribbon clamps (found at Michaels) 2 jump rings 1 clasp

Cut 2 pieces of fabric from your t-shirt about 18 x 6 inches. Fold up the fabric lengthwise to hide the unfinished edges and lay them next to each other.

Make a loop with the first scrap and lay it over top of the second. Take the second piece and lay it over the end of the loop you just made.

Take that end and alternate weaving it under and over the remaining fabric lengths. Grasp all four ends and pull it tight to your liking. You may need to fluff some areas of the knot and tighten others.

Pair up the ends of fabric and wrap it snugly around your wrist. Measure the length you'd like and cut it accordingly. Take the pairs and fit them each into an open ribbon clamp then securely shut them in place with the pliers. Attach the jump rings and clasp.

And there you have it! A one of a kind bracelet made especially for you for next to nothing! Try experimenting with two colours, patterned and solid fabrics.

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