Hot Polka Dot

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program.

First let me just say thank you to everyone who voted and encouraged me so far. I couldn't be here without you! I'm nervous, excited and, above all, grateful. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

“Channel your inner Julia Child and put one of your favorite recipes on film. Pick a recipe from your blog archives and make it come to life on video by showing readers the perfect way to poach an egg or just how passionate you are about seasonal ingredients. Keep your video under 5 minutes for maximum impact.”

I did my hair up all pretty. I made sure my eyelashes were expertly curled. I sported my cute new pink polka dot apron. I spent two days scrubbing every inch of my kitchen. I practiced my smile in the mirror.

Sure I might say “so” a few too many times. I might prattle on about my love of demerara sugar. I might have neglected to peel the sticker off the back of my cake pan even after using it twenty some odd times. I might not have a fancy kitchen island and used my deep freezer covered in a tablecloth instead. I might be wearing glass pearls instead of the real thing.

As Julia Child would say, no excuses, no apologies. This is me. Unadulterated Lindsey.

Oh and there's cake. We can't forget the cake!


Apples and Cranberries and Pears! Oh My!

I must have The Wizard of Oz on the brain or something. Imagine if Dorothy, Scarecrow and the Tin Man had encountered these fearsome fruits on their journey along the yellow brick road. I'd say that's preferable to lions, tigers and bears.

But then again, that would probably make for a pretty lame movie. More like Veggie Tales than the story we all know and love.

Maybe if Dorothy could have tasted this Pear Walnut Salad or this Apple Cranberry Chicken she wouldn't have been in such a hurry to get back to Kansas. I'm betting Auntie Em didn't know how to make Apple Cheese and Potato Cakes like me. Just saying...

As promised here are my recipes for the entrée of my Autumn Dinner Party. I could have separated them into three different posts, but why leave you in suspense? I'm not a cruel person. Also they're best enjoyed altogether, so here you go!


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