Tan Through Swimwear

What exactly is Tan Through Swimwear and how does it function?

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What exactly is Tan Through Swimwear and how does it function?

All About No-Tan-Line Swimsuits Tan Through Swimwear from Smart Swimsuits® is designed to allow tanning without leaving behind any swimsuit marks.

This innovative swimwear is crafted from a special fabric that mimics a net-like structure. Sunlight easily penetrates its cells, while harmful UV rays are filtered out, safeguarding your skin. Consequently, the Smart Swimsuit offers sun protection akin to SPF35 sunscreen.

This unique fabric technology is exclusively patented by Smart Swimsuits®.

Beyond sun protection, these smart swimsuits boast additional advantages: they sculpt the body, offer breast support, dry rapidly, and promote skin breathability.

For those who prioritize both health and beauty, a tan through swimsuit proves to be an ideal choice!



Tan Through Swimwear

Miranda Flores
Miranda Flores

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