There was a tool that will prevent hair loss

There was a tool that will prevent hair loss

Hair loss is an ordeal for many women. Thin, sparse hair which barely covers the scalp is a reason for complexes, torment in front of a mirror in an attempt to hide this defect any way.

The causes of baldness can be genetic, stress, taking the strongest antibiotics or other medications, endocrine disruption and others.

In 2013 a group of the best trichologists and dermatologists developed a unique tool for the restoration of hair follicles. And only this year a new product has entered the market . It is a spray which helps to transform the look. Hair MegaSpray is an innovative tool consisting of special components which help the hair to recover.

97% of the subjects who tested this drug, noticed that the immobilization of the hair follicles ceased, hair growth resumed, the structure of the hair and roots strengthened, and the hair acquired a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

The composition of Hair MegaSpray

Here are the components which are included:

  1. Burdock oil strengthens hair roots and eliminates dandruff;
  2. Argan oil activates hair growth and protects from UV rays;
  3. Vitamin E relieves inflammation and itching of the scalp,it is responsible for hair restoration;
  4. Vitamin A prevents hair loss and nourishes the roots;
  5. Coconut and avocado oils stop hair loss;
  6. Extracts of calamus root, burdock, sage and pedunculate oak improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation;
  7. Cinnamon oil and organic chili pepper extract make the sleeping hair follicles wake up and stop hair pigmentation
  8. Extracts of chamomile pharmaceutical and nettle soothe the scalp and improve the blood circulation of the hair follicles.

How it works

Hair MegaSpray penetrates the hair core and hair follicle deeply. The natural components influence the hair structure along the entire length actively and restore the destroyed and lifeless follicles. The spray is widely used for rapid hair growth during baldness, to restore curls after painting, to eliminate dandruff. Using this innovative product, you can get rid of many problems of the hair and scalp permanently.

Spray copes with such problems as:

  • excessive dandruff;
  • too dry hair;
  • too greasy hair;
  • hair breakage;
  • dryness and cross section of the ends of the hair;
  • disorders in the hair structure;
  • dull and unhealthy appearance of hair;
  • hair loss;
  • metabolic disorders of the scalp.

Such problems often occur because of various diseases of the body, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, under stress and changing climatic conditions. Using Hair MegaSpray will make your hair completely healthy in two weeks, and your scalp will recover completely.

Instructions for using of Hair MegaSpray

This remedy is very easy to use:

  1. Hair MegaSpray must be sprayed on the scalp and hair. Rub into the hair roots by massage movements.
  2. Then you should brush your hair along the entire length of your hair.
  3. The head is required to be wrapped with a plastic cap or kerchief and then the head should be covered with a towel.
  4. This compress should be left for one hour on the hair.
  5. Rinse off with warm water and wash your hair in the usual way.


The action of the spray occurs immediately after application. All active ingredients of the therapeutic product penetrate deep into the scalp and hair follicles. Such an instant restoration of the hair structure allows you to see a positive result after the first procedure. Hair will get a special softness, shine, pomp and will be easy to comb after washing.

Regular use of a regenerating spray will strengthen the hair follicles. After two weeks the amount of hair after combing will decrease several times, the bald patches will disappear and the structure of the hair will change.

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