Attention! Exceeding the dose of FitoSpray will lead to excessive weight loss!

Attention! Exceeding the dose of FitoSpray will lead to excessive weight loss!

Many girls continue to lose weight beyond recognition in pursuit of model appearance. Today it has become easier than ever - a powerful fat burner called FitoSpray has appeared on the market of products for weight loss. Doctors have sounded the alarm.

All slimming girls observed a sharp decrease in weight to 10 kilograms per week. Some of them lost 30-35 kilos a month. But if at first this fact pleased them, it soon became frightening. Losing weight lost control over their eating behavior. They specifically ate high-calorie food, but they weren’t able to gain a single gram. The women continued to lose weight instead of gaining weight even returning to normal diet.

Thousands of people who had taken FitoSpray and lost weight too quickly were interviewed. They didn’t notice unusual symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, or weakness.

An independent laboratory conducted a study and gave its conclusion:

“FitoSpray is non-toxic and it doesn’t pose a risk to human health. 30 grams of the drink contain the daily dose of lipoic acid, which is responsible for the balance of fat in the human body. If you consume this amount of fat burner, you will lose 3-5 kg per a week without harm to health. However, exceeding the recommended dose can seriously affect health. ”

A survey among those who lost a lot of weight in a short period of time confirmed that all girls violated the recommended dosages and took the drink 3-5 times more than the norm! Thus the weight went much faster - up to 7-12 kg per a week. it was difficult for many girls to stop and as a result they had a sharp weight loss. Excessively rapid weight loss leads to serious health problems!

According to the studies Green Coffee and Goji  help only 23.7% of overweight patients . FitoSpray is a real fat killer with an indicator of 97.8%. But there are the risks of exceeding the permissible daily dosages. Remember: the weight should go away gradually and without harm to health. Therefore since you’ve decided to use FitoSpray to get rid of extra weight, you must remember that the daily portion should not exceed 5 grams regardless of your weight.

Fito Spray is a quick result with a pleasant taste and aroma. The Spray consists of natural ingredients only which dull the feeling of hunger and help to lose weight without much effort even when you are doing nothing. Just one click and you don’t want to eat for a long time!

All substances which are included in the preparation have natural origin. They do an excellent job with fatty deposits, help to quickly lose extra pounds, improve metabolism, speed up metabolism.

  • Mango and Acai Extract strengthen the immune system and burn fats. Thanks to this, the person who takes the drug gets a boost of energy and vitality, remains active for a long time.
  • Goji berries are an excellent fat burner. Berries allow you to blunt the feeling of hunger, saturate the body with microelements and vitamins. In addition, goji is a great antioxidant.
  • Green Coffee removes excess water from the body, removes toxins and dulls the feeling of hunger.
  • Garcinia extract copes with excess weight perfectly even in a small dose due to its unique properties: the extract blocks fat deposits, suppresses hunger for a long time.
  • Citric acid strengthens the immune system, reduces appetite, promotes rapid digestion of food.
  • Mint and Menthol accelerate the flow of bile and metabolism. In addition these substances refresh breath, it is an excellent addition to the basic properties.

The combined high-performance components make Fito Spray to be an exceptional preparation which allows you to stay in great physical shape.

The product is certified and its efficiency is proven by clinical studies and reviews of those who have already achieved the desired results with Fito Spray.

There are recommendations for taking Fito Spray:

  1. eat regularly;
  2. eat in small portions;
  3. eat at least 4 times a day.

The spray begins its work when it penetrates the blood through the mucous membrane of the mouth and stomach.  After a few days  the first result will be noticeable.

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