Fashionably Late Friday: Watermelon.

2 Sep/11

Playful of Smiles Dress , Damsel Cat Eye Sunglasses , Black Irregular Plastic Bangle , Retro Rose Earrings , Essie Tart Deco Nail Polish , Shiekh Peep Toe Bow Sandals , Veridian Sea Bag , Kate Spade New York Cascade Bib Necklace .

I love making food-related style boards! This watermelon turned pastel outfit just makes me smile. The veridian green bag and shoes are adorable paired with the sweet pink ruffle lace dress and sprinkled with some cute accessories. When I added that necklace with the watermelon seed shaped beads it all came together.

I can see wearing this on a sunny day in the park lounging on a picnic blanket while enjoying some actual watermelon. Perfect!

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