How To Tuesday: Chopped.

I gave myself a much needed manicure and set about showing you the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to chop an onion.

First let's talk about knives. I would suggest using a chef's knife or santoku. It's very important to use a knife that you're comfortable with. Not too big, not too small, not too heavy and not too light. Consider yourself the Goldilocks of knives. It's dangerous to use a knife that isn't comfortable in your hand because you can easily cut yourself. I enjoy my set of KitchenAid knives because they are light and solid with an ergonomic handle that fits perfectly in my small hands. Lee prefers his set of Henckels knives because of their heft and large wooden handles that are perfect for his large hands.

Now, there's a sweet spot at the base of the handle that's meant to grip with your thumb and first finger. This is the natural point of balance between the blade and the handle that makes it easy to rock the knife back and forth.

Lop off the end of the onion then turn it on it's end and slice straight through the root leaving you with two equal halves. Peal the skin off the one half and set aside other other.

Make three to four horizontal slices toward the root but not through it. Place it face down and make a few vertical cuts perpendicular to the horizontal ones, making sure to leave the root intact once again.

Pivot the cutting board and, with your fingers curled in for protection from the sharp blade, chop the onion across the vertical cuts. Discard the chunk of root and marvel at your perfectly chopped bits of onion.

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