How to Waste a Dozen Eggs.

This morning I woke up craving egg tarts. You know, the kind from Chinese bakeries with that golden yellow egg custard inside. If you haven't tried one yet you really need to. That's one of the few things I miss from Toronto.

Anyways, I found this recipe that seemed pretty straight forward. I was a little shocked that it called for nearly a dozen eggs mostly for the custard, but they are called egg tarts for a reason right? So I started obediently cutting in the butter as I was told then proceeded to mix the single egg and dash of vanilla, the only wet ingredients to the four cups of dry mind you. So of course the dough was crumbly and so not doughy. In an attempt to save it I added more butter as the recipe suggested. That didn't work. So I added a bit of cold water which is normal for most pastry doughs. Perhaps I was wrong because as I was pressing the lumpy mixture into the tart pan I had a bad feeling that these little tarts were not going to be what I was hoping for.

As I had suspected, the tarts didn't taste half bad but the texture was...odd. Chunky. Crumbly. Colourless. Weird. The custard set nicely, but the majority of the mini tart cups were crowded by the strange dough. Perplexed, I ate a handful of them trying to decide if they were good. One tart. Sort of...I don't know.

Two tarts. Maybe it's ok. Oh what the heck was that crunchy bit?

Three tarts. I think...this one is a little bit better.

Four tarts. Nope. Gross.

Five tarts. Yup, still gross.

Bad tarts! How dare you deceive me. I worked tirelessly for two hours to make you yummy and flaky and pretty but you had to come out of the oven all icky.

Whatever. Cold pizza for lunch. Tune in tomorrow. Same bat time. Same bat channel. Another egg carton. Another culinary adventure.

Since I've failed you today in your quest for dessert delight why not hop over to my new friend's blog, Confessions of a Cookbook Queen? She's ever so sweet and she makes super sweets. We're blog buddies so make sure to be extra nice to her.

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