Gadget and a Giveaway.

Isn't she pretty? You might have noticed the quality of the photos in my recent posts was far greater than previously. Presenting my new toy, the Canon EOS Digital Rebel SLR Camera. Well not new really. My Dad, who is a gifted photographer, gave her to me a while back, but she never felt useful until now.

She just makes the food look more scrumptious doesn't she?

Oh, what's that you ask?

That deliciously adorable little stack of crispy melt in your mouth sugar cookies right there?

Those button-shaped, ribbon-laced, sugar-coated dreams?

The ones in the pretty box?

It's my very first giveaway, that's what.

Yes, my friends they could all be yours. It's my way of saying thank you to you lovely people in celebration of reaching 100 fans on Hot Polka Dot's facebook fan page.

All you have to do is comment below and tell me a story about your favourite cookies.

I like stories.

I like cookies.

Who doesn't?

Then on the night of Friday March 12th I will announce the winner chosen at random and mail you this box of Cute as a Button Sugar Cookies made with love by yours truly. If you win of course you'll have to give me your mailing address but be sure that will be kept confidential.

Good luck!

Aaaand begin!

Contest Closed. Congratulations Diane!

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