Milk Chocolate

Death By Chocolate And The Birth Of A Blog.

Three years. I can't believe it's really been three years. Three years ago today I timidly introduced myself and stepped into the blogosphere. I baked cookies, snapped some photos, met you fine folks, wrote about life and wrote about love, laughed, learned, grew. I want to say thank you for being so patient with me....

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Chocolate Cubed.
This entry was posted in Cookies and tagged Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Recipe, Semisweet Chocolate, White Chocolate on March 29, 2010.

There's something to be said about chocolate. But triple chocolate? That leaves me speechless. We need to invent some new words or something. Supercalafra-delicious. Expialid-ohyeah. That works, but it's still lacking somehow. They're just stupid delicious people. Trust me. Funny how the English language tends to fall flat like that sometimes. It just fails to...

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