A Little Something To Kick-start Your Fall Shopping Spree.
This entry was posted in Giveaway and tagged Amazon, Gift Card, I’m With Cupcake on September 23, 2013.

To celebrate the relaunch of my good friend, Jordan's ever popular party blog and DIY resource, I'm With Cupcake, a few of us got together and contributed to this amazing $500 Amazon gift card giveaway! We know how you've been eying that little-too-expensive blender or craving an excuse to justify buying that new Kindle or...

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From Us To You!
This entry was posted in Giveaway and tagged Amazon, Gift Card on December 4, 2012.

How's your holiday shopping going? I've got something that will definitely help! Because you deserve a little something special. Because this time of year is in the spirit of giving. Because I like you. Because I have some amazing friends. We're giving one lucky winner a $500 Amazon Gift Card that they can spend on...

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