How I've quitted smoking in 1 day!

Hi, my name is Bob and I want to share my success on quitting smoking. I had tried a lot of ways before I found a really working method. So, I tried e-cigarettes, pills, hypnosis, books like Allen Kar, and so on. All these ways don't help and useless. But salvation was found! After a couple of unsuccessful attempts  I went on smoking.  By chance I stumbled upon a blog of a guy who quited smoking with the help of some kind of bio-magnets Zerosmoke and I studied this topic in detail.

How Zerosmoke works

Zerosmoke consists of two biomagnets with gold plating, which act on a special point of the ear, which is responsible for controlling of craving for smoking. It's like acupuncture, but without needles.

This method is called auriculotherapy and it is officially approved. It was developed in the 50s of the last century. The essence of the method is that there are points associated with certain areas of the body on your ear. Impact on points can relieve pain, soothe, or reduce craving for smoking. The Chinese have been using it for a long time. Finally, it has become available to us too!

This is not a psychological adjustment like books of Allen Kar, but it is a real physical bio-effect on secret ear points. You can get rid of nicotine addiction once and forever easily, without extra cost, withdrawal syndrome,  gaining weight and without being nervous . This method will never be treated in clinics, because they will lose customers  immediately. I think it is clear to all.

So, I walked with these magnets about 2 days and felt a real disgustment to cigarettes. It is indescribable! Do not pull smoking at all! More than 2 months have already passed since the time I've used magnets, and there is still no wishing to smoke.

How to use Zerosmoke

According to the instruction you need:

  1. Take magnets with your fingertips,
  2. Place a smaller magnet on the front of the ear,
  3. Place a larger magnet on the back of the ear.

So magnets are worn extremely quickly and easily. Zerosmoke is recommended to be used within 2-4 hours per day. Many smokers wear magnets 1-2 hours in the morning and 1-2 hours in the afternoon or before bedtime. If you hit a sensitive point and feel pain, the location of the magnets can be slightly changed. You can also remove the magnets at all for a few hours and put them on later.

When you are tempted to smoke and other negative factors, such as anxiety, hunger, depression and at the same time you don't wear magnets, you can press or massage the active zone in the ear for 30-60 seconds. Use Zerosmoke magnets for 6 - 7 days, during which you can continue to smoke as usual, or reduce the number of cigarettes or stop smoking at all. If you still prefer to smoke while using magnets, then you should give up cigarettes at the end of the 7th day, but continue to use Zerosmoke. Most likely, after 4 weeks of regular use you will no longer need magnets.

As for me I sticked 2 magnets on the front part of the ear and on the back part and walked with them 1 day, and the craving for smoking was lost! Instantly!

It is important to know, that this method works for those who have decided firmly to say goodbye to cigarettes forever and who have good motivation to do so.

Instead of conclusion

I am extremely happy and grateful to this thing that I 've got rid of the eternal stink in the apartment, the stench from my mouth, yellow fingers and yellow teeth.

If anyone is interested, then there is only one website that sells certified Zerosmoke magnets. The price is just a penny, and it is equal to 10 packs of normal cigarettes that you smoke a week. Now compare what is more important for you: a week of smoking or a healthy life for the rest of the days? I think the answer is obvious.

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