How I’ve got rid of the bones on my feet for 2 months! Do not hurry to go to surgery!

How I’ve got rid of the bones on my feet  for 2 months! Do not hurry to go to surgery!

The bone on my thumb appeared when I was 53. The doctors diagnosed the valgus deformity of the feet. My grandmother and my mother suffered from it . Mom even did the operation. So I have this disease hereditary. And in my youth I loved to show off in narrow shoes on high heels. So at my 54 years I had the valgus deformity of the feet which was eliminated only by the operation.

The disease progressed rather quickly. At first this bone gave me just discomfort on my feet. Then it became very sick. Because of the fact that the thumb began to bend into the inside of the foot, it began to push the second one and it began to go up and abut in the toecap. A painful callus also appeared  at the bottom of the foot.  And by the time I was 54, I couldn’t walk in my shoes at all! My feet were like in a hot vice-grip.

My family lives in the countryside and has a big farm. My husband is a hunter, jack-of-all-trades. He had to make special leather boots for me. I wore them but even after a short walk my feet ached terribly.  It was very difficult because I looked after the whole farm and all these chickens, geese were on my responsibility but I couldn’t stand on my feet for a long time. Also I had to take care of my mother because she couldn’t walk for a long time after the operation on the feet.  I also loved to go hunting with my husband but the cursed disease broke everything for me! Well, the daughter-in-law began to help; otherwise I wouldn’t know what I was doing.

I went to the hospital.  The doctor looked at my feet and said that he could not do anything and I needed to be operated on if I wanted to walk. He also said that I had already had a chronic bursitis of the thumb (inflammation) and arthrosis began to develop. I left the doctor and cried. My mother was treated in the same hospital and she often went here for physical therapy. She spent much money without result. And then the operation was done. She felt better but the pain still remained. And she still can’t walk much.

But there is nothing to do. We began to collect money for the operation. Without it I could not walk at all. But one morning my son came to my room and started reading from his phone. It turned out that he found an article on the Internet in which it was written that special orthopedic socks were invented. They are called “ValgoSocks”. They are dressed on the feet and thanks to the special design they straighten the squeezed and curved soft parts of the main joint of the thumb, and also correct the developing curvature. Many people wrote that they had been able to straighten a finger, remove this damned bump and do without surgery! Amazing!

The son ordered these socks over the Internet immediately. A week later I was able to wear them. They are made of some elastic soft material. They fasten on the feet easily. They have pockets for thumb and little finger, and  there is a velcro on the top, which tightens the foot. There is a belt for fixing the heel behind as on sandals. As soon as I put on these socks, I felt that my feet hurt less, since my fingers were fixed.

I quote how it works:

Socks «ValgoSocks» has two fastenings, for a deformed finger and a little finger, as well as a belt for the back of the foot, thereby creating a single power structure, with which the amount of force is adjusted. You create an initial effort putting this socks on. This sock does not interfere with wearing shoes, so you can use it constantly.  The finger begins to return to its original state gradually under the influence of constant effort. It is necessary every 3-4 days to compensate for this alignment by changing the position of the metatarsal lining.

A week later the pain almost disappeared, and I was able to tighten my leg a little more. A month later I was able to put on my favorite shoes again. At the beginning it was a bit uncomfortable, but in two weeks I could almost straighten my thumb and remove the bump! And in two months I got rid of valgus deformation completely!

I want to give a few tips on wearing ValgoSocks socks. Do not wear them all the time. Take off  them at night. Give your feet a break! Pull the feet gradually. Wearing should be comfortable! Treatment with ValgoSocks is almost painless!

Half a year has passed after recovery. Once again I can walk freely, keep house, go hunting and play with my grandchildren.

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