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10 myths about valgus and its treatment

10 myths about valgus and its treatment

The bone on the thumb (or the valgus deformity of the toes of the foot) has become a common problem today so a lot of treatment methods have already appeared. Various sources recommend very different things, so we’ve decided to deal with this problem on our own. What to do if all the recommendations of specialists improved the situation slightly or don’t change it at all. Is it worth to resort to surgical treatment? But even here it is necessary to figure out where the myths are, and where the reality is.  Is the operation so painful and terrible?

  1. Myth: The valgus deformity can appear only in old age. Exposing: More than 60% of people of different ages suffer from bumps on their feet.
  2. Myth: Problems with feet occur only among women. Exposing: This is partly true. Wearing narrow and uncomfortable shoes, high heels, diseases of the joints and ligaments become the factors of the disease.
  3. Myth: The valgus deformity is a hereditary disease. Exposing: The main cause of valgus deformity of the thumb is considered a genetic predisposition. Experts confirm that if the mother has such bones on the feet, then the risk of the appearance of lumps of the thumbs in children is great.
  4. Myth: The disease occurs only among people with flatfoot. Exposing: It is partly true, but different people with different prerequisites for the development of valgus may be at risk.
  5. Myth: Valgus has no consequences. Exposing: if you refer to the valgus deformity frivolously, you will have Deutschlander's disease after a while. It manifests pain in the feet. Pains are aggravated during exercise and they can be accompanied by local swelling of the feet.
  6. Myth: The operation rids of valgus forever and painlessly. Exposing: Surgery has a long rehabilitation period and it doesn’t guarantee that the disease won’t return. After the operation the patient has to walk on crutches in special shoes for about 3 months.
  7. Myth: You can get rid of valgus by the operation only. Exposing: Except the operation there is a special tire Valgu-correct which fixes the joint and returns it to the anatomically correct position. The tire has a natural insert in which a bioactive transdermal concentrate from medicinal plants and natural components is placed.
  8. Myth: The operation is the most effective way. Exposing: The operation is a radical way which is not suitable for everyone. The Valgu-correct tire is suitable for everyone who suffers from valgus regardless of age or stage of the disease.
  9. Myth: Drug treatment is difficult and long. Exposing: The tire is easier to use unlike tablets and ointments. it doesn’t require limitations in life and shows excellent results. The tire is made of dense elastic fabric with a natural insert under the area of the first metatarsophalangeal joint, the upper part of the tire covers the big toe. Tires are available in pairs and are not sized.
  10. Myth: There is no guarantee that the tire will help. Exposing: The main guarantee is clinical studies, the opinions of doctors and the history of cured patients. The Valgu-correct tire is a completely new way to treat the valgus foot deformities.

I hope you and I have dispelled the main myths concerning the valgus deformity of the foot. The Valgu-correct tire is a modern cure for valgus without surgery. Reviews of people about this method are simply amazing!

The Valgu-correct tire will abolish from “bones on the foot” in 1 month

According to the results of clinical studies the Valgu-correct tire is effective in both initial and severe stages of joint deformity.

  • It corrects the bone on the thumb delicately;
  • It prevents squeezing with shoes and stops the growth of the bone
  • It prevents the formation of corns and sores;
  • It relieves pain and discomfort;
  • It can be worn in any shoes.

The Valgu-correct tire is designed for everyday wear with any type of shoes. It fits snugly to the foot and is completely invisible due to its special shape. The material of the Valgu-correct tire is made is so elastic that the risk of injuring your fingers is absolutely excluded. You can affect the growing bone 24 hours a day without being distracted from your favorite things.

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