How To Tuesday: Double Word Score.

Other couples exchange cards. Other couples give flowers. Other couples share chocolates.

We're not other couples.

Being avid readers and generally big fans of the English language, my sweetie, Lee and I like to play Words With Friends. We're pretty evenly matched and the games get rather interesting.

So, being the clever girlfriend that I am, I decided that I was going to give Lee a unique gift this Valentine's Day. A quirky little love token that showcased our weakness for words, the most important words. I saw the idea on Pinterest a while ago and I knew it was perfect.

After a few fruitless weekends spent scouring the city for spare scrabble tiles I was beginning to get discouraged. I discovered that Lee was having a hard time finding a key piece to my present as well. Guess what it was? Scrabble tiles!

For fear that we were giving each other the exact same present we were forced to ruin the surprise and have out with it. Though our ideas were similar they were also different, much like we are. Instead of being disappointed that we had to reveal our romantic plans, we decided that it would be even more romantic if we made them together.

While other couples were enjoying candlelit dinners and Barry White we spent our Valentine's Day crafting at the kitchen table. In my opinion it was far more romantic than a bouquet of roses or heart shaped boxes.

Happy Valentine's Day Lee! You never stop surprising me.

You'll need...

Scrabble tiles Scrabble board (optional) Matting (optional) Scrapbooking paper (optional) Hot glue gun Shadowbox frame

Note: I would suggest trying to find pre-loved Scrabble games or replacement tiles at your local flea markets and thrift stores. You can also buy replacement tiles from Hasbro provided that you live in the USA or Amazon for everyone else. If all else fails you can always buy a new game for just 16 bucks at Wal-Mart.

Once you know what message you want to make, lay out your tiles on the scrapbooking paper framed in the intended matting. Using the hot glue gun, carefully glue down each tile making sure to space them evenly. Center it in the shadowbox frame and voila!

Lee chose to write a longer message and cleverly utilized the Scrabble board that came with the game. Spacing the tiles evenly is far easier with this approach since all you need to do is follow the lines of the board.

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