How To Tuesday: Break Out The Bunting.

This friday is a very special day. Can you guess what day it is? It's my twenty-sixth birthday and Hot Polka Dot's second birthday! I do so enjoy sharing my birthday with my blog. Makes the celebration that much more memorable. I can't believe it's been two years already. It's been so much fun!

So you might have guessed there's going to be cake. Of course there's going to be cake! You're not going to be able to guess what kind of cake though. I'm not telling! Rest assured it'll be sweet and pink and cute and the embodiment of everything Hot Polka Dot stands for. I will, however, give you a teensy little sneak peak.

All pretty cakes need pretty toppers and this one is no slouch. I've seen so many cakes out there with the most adorable bunting banners. Naturally I had to try one for myself and naturally I had to share it with you. I didn't want to you miss out on the easiest and cutest way to jazz up your cake.

You'll need...

Fabric Scissors Ribbon Glue Wooden skewers

Fold a strip of your fabric in half and cut out isosceles triangles with the short side of the triangle running along the folded edge. Depending on what size you want your bunting, cut out 10 – 15 triangles. When you unfold each tiny triangle you should have a bunch of diamonds.

With the pattern of the fabric facing out, fold the diamonds around the length of ribbon and glue them in place side by side. Make sure to keep the ribbon flat while your gluing to keep it from twisting and causing your bunting to sway all wonky.

When you're satisfied with the length of your bunting, tie each end of the ribbon to the top of a wooden skewer. Make sure to leave enough slack in the ribbon so your finished bunting banner falls in a pleasing arc.

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