How To Tuesday: Bouquet of Tulips.

When I made my Chocolate Banana Cinnamon Muffins I got a lot of questions about how to make your own tulip baking cups. I described it briefly in the recipe but I thought it would be better if I just showed you.

You can buy tulip baking cups but why bother spending money on something that you can make for next to free? You know I'm all about saving money. Plus sometimes we're human and run out of important stuff like baking cups. It's nice to know we forgetful folk have options. It's just a clever trick to dress up even the plainest muffins.

Cut parchment paper into squares 2 – 3 inches wide. One at a time press the squares into the cups in the muffin tin. Smooth your fingers into the corners and whatever paper puckers up crease it flat against the side of the cup using your fingernail. Make sure not to force the parchment paper too far because it tears pretty easily especially with sharp fingernails.

Continue until you've filled the muffin tin with the sweet tulip baking cups. They may have a tendency to spring up out of the pan but that just means you need to make a few more creases in the parchment paper to make it fit snugly.

Make sure to drop in tomorrow to see just how to properly use these adorable liners.

I'll give you a hint. It rhymes with shmuffins.

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