How To Tuesday: Pop Goes The Garlic.

There are a few schools of thought on the best way to peel garlic. Some people crush it under a chef's knife. Some people soak the cloves in cold water. Some people just diligently pick away at the skin with their fingernails.

I used to use the latter method until a few months back when I discovered a quick and easy way to peel garlic. I've been doing it this way ever since and been able to avoid messy juice, slippery knife cuts, garlicky fingernails and dirtying another bowl.

Want to know how? Sure you do!

Grasp the clove vertically between your thumb and first finger.

Squeeze it slightly so the clove begins to bend and you hear a satisfying snap when the skin pops away from the garlic flesh.

Slide your fingernail underneath the skin and easily pull it off the clove.

Now you're left with a beautifully skinned clove all shiny and whole. Easy peasy!

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