Guest Post With The White Library: Dessert Tables 101.

I am so happy today to bring you a little something from the lovely Sandra of The White Library. It's a beautiful blog that's a dedicated daily resource for entertaining, weddings and inspired living with a vintage flare. It's full of everything from inspiring party ideas to unique DIY solutions. What's really special about Sandra is that she's the genius behind Sandra Downie Event Designs, the wedding and design firm that designs the most creative and breathtaking events. It's pretty obvious she has a certain insight into designing the perfect dessert table so today she's going to talk a little bit about how you can create an easy and lovely dessert table yourself.

Dessert tables are all the rage right now, from weddings to birthday parties, they make for the sweetest happy endings and they are a fun way to get your guests interacting with each other. Although they are pretty to look at, getting the perfect look together takes more than just putting some desserts on a tray and calling it a day. Here are some tips to help you create a dessert table that will leave your guests utterly engaged and saying “wow”.

   1. Colored food is good but be careful. Unless it’s Halloween, I am not a big fan of black candy. When choosing the        frosting color, cookie colors, candy colors etc… Remember to choose colors that are appealing to the eye. You don’t        want to turn your guests off. People eat with their eyes first.

   2. Choose your plates and platters wisely. Say you are doing a country or rustic or shabby chic wedding. Try choosing        plates and platters that have that sort of feel to them vs. plates/platters that are modern in look and design.

   3. Think about the weather. Is your party going to be held outdoors in the middle of August? Then I say stay away from        chocolate. Choose hard candies and sweets that are bound to withstand the heat.

   4. Don’t overcrowd the table. You want your table to be visually appealing and not confusing to the eye, so try not to        crowd your table with goodies. Instead limit the amount of offerings to 6-8 sweet treats.

   5. You CAN have it all. Don’t think you have to have just candy, or just dessert. You can easily have a combination of both        that will ensure a well rounded set of treats

So that‘s it. Now you know how easy it is to make a show stopping dessert table, sure to please your guests!

XO Sandra

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