As Nature Intended.

Have you ever caught yourself marveling at the absolute perfection of nature? Fluffy clouds inexplicably shaped like familiar everyday objects. Beautifully red and romantically heart-shaped strawberries. Honeycombs, flawless hexagons built by determined bees and filled with the sweetest honey. Shimmering lustrous pearls hidden inside unassuming oysters settled on the ocean floor. Bits of simple twigs and grass interwoven into a crib for eager baby birds all the while perched precariously in a tree braving wind and rain. The impeccable arc of a rainbow reflected off the tiniest raindrops brightening even the dreariest days.

Maybe I have too much time of my hands. It's an excellent possibility.

Today, while snapping photos of our budding crab apple tree in my pajamas, socks and sandals, I was visited by a little ladybug. She lazily buzzed down to the branch I was focused on and landed lightly on this sweet little flower bud. She was all too ready for her close up, sitting patiently and politely while I maxed out the space on my camera on her sweet little self.

Sometimes if you sit still long enough you notice these things. The consummate beauty of the world lays itself before you in the form of a shining beetle, ripples in a pond or a puffy bunny-shaped cloud.

The key is not to mess with nature. Take it as it is and appreciate it in its entirety. In the spirit of that lesson I've made Almond Butter. Simply almonds, toasted and pureed with a splash of oil and a hint of sea salt.

Almond Butter

Source: My imagination.

2 heaping cups almonds, blanched and toasted 1/2 tsp sea salt 1 – 3 tbsp olive oil

Note: If you prefer chunky Almond Butter, leave 1/2 cup of almonds out of the puree, rough chop them and stir them in when you're finished. Printer-Friendly Version

After toasting a cooling your almonds puree them in a food processor for a few minutes until it begins to form a dough-like clump. Add the salt and just 1 tbsp of olive oil to start. You don't want to make your Almond Butter too thin and you can always add more.

Puree that for another few minutes until you're satisfied with the consistency and thickness, adding more oil as needed.

Store the Almond Butter in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Enjoy!

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