Last Stop.

Looks like it's time for me to exit the crazy ride that is Project Food Blog. Yesterday I learned with disappointment and a few tears that challenge seven would be my last stop and I would not be continuing in the contest.

It was a bittersweet realization because, while I would have loved to keep going to the end, I still have gained so much from this competition that I feel as though I've already won.

I have met so many ambitious, friendly and passionate people with beautiful blogs. People that I will never forget. Like Liren from Kitchen Confidante with an admirable way with words and a love for all things food. Or Damaris from Kitchen Corners with a kind heart and beautiful photography. Or Isabelle from Good Food, Good Wine and a Bad Girl with an adorable sense of humour and a diverse repertoire of recipes. And so many more. You know who you are!

I have learned so much from this contest about myself and what I'm capable of. I never would have made a vlog if it weren't for challenge seven. I never would have tried Kue Lapis Legit if it weren't for challenge two. I never would have knew how to make the perfect pizza if it wasn't for challenge five.

These challenges were designed to motivate us to be better and make our blogs better. Each challenge pushed me to improve my photography, writing and recipes and I am so grateful for that. That will always stay with me, winner or not.

I have had so much fun and I am thankful for this opportunity!

And remember, there's always next time!

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