Project Food Blog #4: Voting Opened!

You remember that pretty cake I baked for you? The one with the chocolate filigree and orange mousse? It was only yesterday. Yes that cake! I would be so appreciative if you could be so kind to vote for me to advance to the next round of Project Food Blog! You've been so good at it so far!

If you're not already a member of Foodbuzz all you have to do is...

      1. Head on over to and click on “Join Foodbuzz” at the top.       2. Create an account with a username, email and password. Painless right?       3. Then go here and vote for me by clicking that purdy little heart above my banner.

Voting will be open from Monday, October 11th until Thursday, October 14th. You only get to vote for me once, but if one vote just doesn't feel like enough then you could go a step further and “like” my entry, for those of you on Facebook, and even “tweet” about it, for those of you on Twitter. Those buttons are right next to the little heart.

To keep up to date with my future entries to Project Food Blog and my goings on at Foodbuzz then become my friend. We can be BFFs. Or you can check out my official contestant profile here.

I am so grateful for you all! I couldn't do this without you!

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