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Tuesday Tip: Cry Me A River.

To avoid tears when you're chopping an onion make sure to use a very sharp knife and work quickly. Instead of using forceful up and down chopping motions slide the knife forward or back when slicing into the onion. This way you let the knife do the work and avoid releasing a lot of juices from the onion which form sulfuric acid when they react with the moisture in your eyes.


Tuesday Tip: Menu Madness.

In order to keep your grocery bills low make a weekly menu and do your shopping for the week all in one shot. Most large grocery stores get shipments of produce on mondays and tuesdays. If you want the freshest ingredients and the shortest lineups those are perfect days to go.


Tuesday Tip: Starch Is Your Friend.

Don't rinse your cooked pasta after draining it. The water will strip it of the sticky starch that helps to hold the sauce. Boiling the pasta with oil in the water will also make it difficult for the sauce to get a good grip on the slippery surface.


Tuesday Tip: Wet Your Whistle.

Adding even a tablespoon of milk, water, liquor or fruit juice to frosting might seem useless but it actually improves the texture and makes it easier to pipe or stick to surfaces. Dry frosting can easily fall from where it's placed like the side of a cake or a piped border.

A lot of people, including myself, have skipped this part of the recipe in order to keep the icing nice and thick, but don't overcompensate and add too much. A little bit of liquid goes a long way!


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