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How To Tuesday: Eggcellent.

   I know what you're thinking. I know how to boil an egg! Sure, everyone does. It's not really that hard. I'm sure you've boiled more than your fair share of eggs and they've all turned out fine. But then I'm sure you've also had a few batches of eggs that were less than fine.

Maybe the shell stubbornly and inexplicably stuck to the egg so the only way you could peel it off was to brutally mutilate the poor defenseless egg until all that was left was a pile of broken bits of white and yellow.

Or the shells cracked and unsightly half cooked egg goo oozed out into the boiling water to create this amoebas alien egg.

Or you're happy with the shape of the eggs but while preparing deviled eggs for a special occasion you slice into the yolk only to discover it's tinted a rather unappetizing shade of green.

Well I'm here today to make sure that never happens again. I'll help you understand the science behind boiling an egg and I'll reveal to you the little tips and tricks behind the perfect hard boiled egg.


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