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Simple Pleasures.

Last night my dinner consisted of a handful of popcorn and half a Toblerone. Unhealthy, yes, but you have to marvel at the restraint it requires not to eat the entire Toblerone. Tonight's dinner was by far an improvement.

And by improvement I mean I ate it all. Since when have you not been able to finish a bowl of delicious ice cream? Granted it normally follows the meal instead of preceding or encompassing it, but hey I'm proud of myself.

Anyone who's ever been to Dairy Queen knows I'm telling the truth when I speak of the beauty that is the Peanut Buster Parfait. I wouldn't lie about such things.

Layers of creamy soft serve vanilla ice cream sandwiched between thick hot fudge and salted peanuts. Just when you think it's all gone you break through to a whole new layer of chocolate peanut bliss.

Now you might be wondering how on earth you could possibly make that any better. Well it's simple, my friends. First you make your very own French Vanilla Ice Cream, you top it with homemade Hot Fudge Sauce, salted peanuts and, the crowning glory, sliced bananas. Aren't the simplest things the best things?


The Pros and Cons of Food Blogging.

Sure it seems glamourous with all the chocolate, lemon curd and brown butter, but I'm here today to expose to you the hidden reality of food blogging. I present the pros and cons. It's a delicate balance maintained only by the most unbalanced of people.

Pro: There's always an impressive supply of tasty treats in the house to satisfy your cravings.

Con: You tend to have to exercise more to compensate for said cravings.

Pro: You have an overwhelming urge to make everything pretty and who doesn't like to be surrounded by pretty things?

Con: Another urge that seems to go hand and hand with this one is the need to photograph all the pretty things before they leave your kitchen or, at least, before it enters your mouth. Just ignore the obsessive lady in the apron with the camera securely attached to her face and wait patiently for your cookie.

Pro: Your Kitchen Aid mixer gets quite a lot of use and, I mean let's face it, inspires a sense of childish glee whenever you turn it on. I seriously squealed the first time it creamed butter and sugar together.

Con: You need to do at least two loads of dishes everyday. I have a tiny dishwasher, but I suppose I should be grateful I have one at all.

Pro: You always have a chance to try new things and experiment in the kitchen.

Con: Sometimes those new things become unsuccessful things and your experiments go awry.

Be assured that these Honey Roasted Peanut Butter Cookies were not one of those. They turned out quite thin and crispy which would normally not be preferable, but the satisfying crunch surprise of the candied honey roasted peanuts was a unique way to reinvent a trusted family recipe.


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