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A World of Cake.

     I was fortunate enough to recently receive the lovely cookbook, A World of Cake by Krystina Castella. It's quickly becoming one of my favourite cookbooks with its big beautiful photos and scores of recipes for, you guessed it, cake.

A World of Cake reads like a cherished family recipe book with a detailed story behind every recipe and how each has been adapted and passed down for generations. It reminds us that we're all apart of a global family with traditions and cuisine that have been influenced by cultures all over the world. While flipping through it's glossy pages you quickly realize how similar and unique we all are.

You get a glimpse inside the kitchens of Japan, Brazil, Germany, Kenya and nearly every other country you can think of. After a long browse I decided to make this Ugandan Peanut Cake with it's intriguing combination of peanut, honey and cinnamon as an example of the multitude of incredible recipes you can discover in this book.

You want a copy? Sure you do!


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