Hot Polka Dot

Lost and Found.

I lost my 3/4 measuring cup along with my mind. I frantically tore the kitchen apart searching for it. The measuring cup, that is. Although, had I lost my mind, I would probably search the kitchen for it as well since that's where it usually resides.

The thought of having to use the 1/4 measuring cup three times to measure one ingredient was unacceptable. It had to be found at any and all costs.

So there I was yanking open every drawer and pushing aside every utensil. I checked the dishwasher and even peered into the bottom to see if it had fallen off a shelf. I urgently searched every cupboard and even the pantry. I thoroughly inspected the fridge to no avail. I looked in the microwave twice. Don't ask me why.

In wandered Lee, inquiring sweetly about my unabashed cursing and incessant rummaging. “What did you last use it for?” he asked while helpfully digging through the cupboards.

I paused a moment and replied hurriedly, “I measured sugar for those meringue candies.”

My eyes widened as he calmly pulled out the large tupperware container we keep the granulated sugar in, the 3/4 measuring cup tapping obviously on the partially opaque plastic side. “Oh my god!”

Sometimes you need a second opinion.

I love you honey. Where would I be without you?

So, with my trusty 3/4 measuring cup in hand and my handy boyfriend at my side I made White Chocolate Cranberry Macadamia Nut Cookies. Both the name and the taste is a mouthful. I'll never say no to a mouthful of cookie.


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