Hot Polka Dot

The Cupboard Was Bare.

Maybe I ran out of ideas.

Maybe I neglected to plan anything this week.

Maybe I'm a genius...

...Or maybe I just stood gape-mouthed in front of the open refrigerator until it hit me.

A peanut butter and jam sandwich in cookie form. Could there be anything better? That would be a no.

I think my favourite recipes are the kind you can just whip up using leftover things you have laying around in the back of your fridge or pantry. I mean everyone has peanut butter and jam somewhere in their house right? You better. Otherwise our friendship is on shaky ground.

One egg? No problem. A bit of butter? That's cool. Some flour? Sure thing. Oodles of sugar? Yes please.

Slap it all together and you have yourself 2 dozen pretty simple but dang impressive cookies. When you bite into one you'll not only be surprised there's jam shoved in there, but you'll also be surprised you even had the ingredients to make cookies. Everybody likes surprises.



I'm sick of being sick.

I've been flat on my back eating nothing but handfuls of chicken noodle soup and crackers. Before you start to wonder how exactly you go about clutching a fistful of soup let me distract you with these cookies.

Feel better?

Me too. For now. Otherwise I'd still be asleep and not sharing this recipe with you.

Funny how sometimes you feel worse after starting a course of antibiotics than before. I'd almost rather take my chances with my ear infection than take another one of those giant pills. Almost.

It's the ten day antibiotic crash diet. Emphasis on the word crash.

All the cool kids are doing it. Lose ten pounds in ten days. You'll be half conscious while shuffling around the house like a zombie in wrinkled pjs and sporting unwashed bed head, but hey you'll look fabulous.

Ok so this is getting a little random, a smidgen bitter and my head is starting to feel a bit fuzzy so I'll just shut the heck up and let the cookies speak for themselves.


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