Hot Polka Dot

In Mint Condition.

You remember my friend, Kristin from Idle Wife. She did those adorable polka dot napkin folding tutorials a little while ago. Well today you can find me on her beautiful blog with some delicious Vanilla Mint Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream.

It's got real vanilla bean, fresh mint and luscious chocolate pieces. So if you're hungry for more make sure to click on over to Idle Wife to check it out.


Pretty Please, With a Cherry on Top.

I'm a magician. Did you know? I make magic in the kitchen. I not only make delicious food, but I also transform your everyday snack into something extraordinary.

Allow me to demonstrate. Watch closely. I'm good.

I took this seemingly plain and obviously delicious chocolate cupcake recipe and transformed it into ice cream! A light and creamy Spring treat.

Tah dah!

Impressive, no?

Cupcake Cones. Because everything this awesome deserves a cherry on top.

For my next trick, peanut butter cookies that are also candy. Gasp!


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