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Death By Chocolate And The Birth Of A Blog.

Death By Chocolate Cheesecake Cake via @hotpolkadotDeath By Chocolate Cheesecake Cake via @hotpolkadot

Death By Chocolate Cheesecake Cake via @hotpolkadot

Three years. I can't believe it's really been three years. Three years ago today I timidly introduced myself and stepped into the blogosphere. I baked cookies, snapped some photos, met you fine folks, wrote about life and wrote about love, laughed, learned, grew.

I want to say thank you for being so patient with me. I've been pretty absent pretty often and I appreciate your understanding. Life's been a little nuts recently and I haven't had the time to bake elaborate cakes and roll out flaky pie crust.

So I thought you deserved a little something special to celebrate. Hot Polka Dot is as much about you as it is about me.

What could be more decadent that chocolate? How about three different kinds of chocolate? White chocolate cheesecake sandwiched between dark chocolate cake riddled with milk chocolate chips, enrobed in whipped dark chocolate ganache frosting and topped with a trinity of chocolate curls.

Is your mouth watering yet?

Cheers to Hot Polka Dot, cheers to you, cheers to cake and cheers to three more years!

Death By Chocolate Cheesecake Cake via @hotpolkadotDeath By Chocolate Cheesecake Cake via @hotpolkadot


Dessert For Breakfast.

I think breakfast gets the short end of the stick. Everyone is under the impression that dinner is the romantic meal. Juicy steak, buttery lobster, saucy spaghetti. Then, naturally, dinner is followed by dessert. Dripping with chocolate, sticky sugar, warm and spicy, sweet berries.

What if you could have dessert for breakfast? Forget breakfast for dinner, dessert for breakfast is where it's at. It's cake for breakfast. Do you need further convincing? A stack of fluffy pancakes and melted chocolate chips all drizzled with thick and sugary strawberry syrup.

If you really want to impress your sweetheart this Valentine's Day, make them breakfast. There's nothing better than waking up to the smell of unsolicited bacon. Or being served breakfast in bed complete with a bird of paradise folded napkin. Or a steaming latte topped with the perfect rosetta poured with barista skill. Or sitting down to a plate of perfectly formed heart-shaped pancakes. It's easy to make pancakes from a mix and slather some off-brand table syrup on them but, to show you really mean it, make them both from scratch this year.

It's the little things.


The Last Cookie.

When you bake cookies it's like some kind of earth-shattering domestic phenomenon. The house fills with the intoxicating scent of fresh baked love all gooey with melted chocolate chips, chewy with oats and sweetly studded with dried cranberries.

Suddenly people from all corners of the home come out of hiding and follow their noses to the source of their mutual adoration. Like hounds who've caught the trail of prey, noses to the ground, tails wagging.

In the course of the next few days, hours, or in some cases minutes, the cookies are greedily devoured. No crumb is safe, no chocolate chip left behind. Gradually the batch is thinned out, the plumpest cookies picked off one by one like lambs to the slaughter. What was once twelve becomes eight, then six, then four and finally one. One lonely cookie sits in what now seems like an immense jar. Once stuffed with its brothers and sisters, the jar is now empty save one survivor.

Days pass and there it remains. The relief of being spared the all too recent massacre wears off and he's left wondering why he wasn't chosen. Was he too small? Was he over-baked? Was he lacking in chocolate or cranberries? No, this isn't fourth grade kickball.

No one wants the last cookie because no one can bear to put an end to the deliciousness. No one wants to be the one responsible for depriving the others of all that sugar and love. Once the last cookie is reduced to crumbs you know it will never fill that void inside when you crave another and realize that's it.


Nuts About Nuts.

I have recently discovered that pretty much anything is better with toasted almonds. Angel Icebox Dessert, Cherry Almond Cupcakes and Boston Cream Pie to name a few. Let me explain because this is actually quite the revelation in my case.

When I was a kid the only nuts that I liked were of the peanut variety. Yes I know, peanuts are not really considered a nut, but to a seven year old kid they are. I loved peanuts and specifically preferred them honey roasted. All other nuts to me were just those things that got in my way when I dug through the mixed nuts bowl to get to the good stuff. My mom always liked to put chopped pecans in her Chocolate Chip Cookies, which was quite a nuisance for me. In my opinion she was ruining an otherwise perfectly good batch of cookies. Sometimes, if I whined enough, she would make another batch sans nuts which was greatly appreciated.

So when I grew up and started making my own Chocolate Chip Cookies I vowed never to put nuts in them. Well look what's happened? Nuts galore! And not the peanut variety either, but my new favourite nut. The buttery, melt in your mouth toasted almond. I even paired it with deliciously nutty brown butter. What could be better?

It's an acquired taste. At least for me. I have matured. I have grown. I have evolved.

I turned your everyday household favourite cookie into something gourmet, fancy and still quite tasty. You can eat it with your pinkies out if it makes you feel any fancier.


Love Muffin: Chocolate Cherry

This is the first post of its kind, one of many to come. I've decided to experiment in the wonderful world of muffins once every month or perhaps every two weeks. I love muffins. Don't you love muffins? It's cute. It's muffiny. It's Love Muffin.

Now with that said I'd like to address a certain someone with whom I am currently quite displeased.

Dear Mother Nature,

What is your problem? For serious.

It's Spring right? Let me check my calendar. Yes, definitely Spring. Actually, nearly Summer. And what do we have to show for it? A measly week of blessedly warm and perfectly sunny weather. It's actually snowed at least three times since the first day of Spring and been mostly crappy and cold otherwise.

Do you find it funny to torture innocent Spring loving people? That's right, Spring is my favourite season or at least it used to be. I'm half expecting the leaves to start turning orange and fall off right before we're condemned to a dark snowy prison again. Is Summer even coming? Will I ever get to swim and suntan and eat popsicles on the back step again without shivering?

I'd better.

Now I understand you're very busy controlling the weather all over the world but do you think it would be too much trouble to pay a little more attention to my corner of Canada? I don't ask for much, just maybe a smidgen more sunshine and a teensy bit less snow. I'll even make a deal with you. If you give me Spring I promise to complain a little bit less next Winter. I know how whiny I can be. That's reasonable right?

I think so.

I expect the weather to be different from here on out otherwise I swear I'll relentlessly pollute the ozone or something. No I'm kidding. I wouldn't do that, but maybe I'd stop using reusable bags and start using those horrible plastic ones when I do my grocery shopping. Remind me again, they take how many eons to decompose? Yeah, you wouldn't like that would you? I don't have to as long as you cooperate. Nobody has to get hurt.

I'm glad we had this little chat. I hope we can continue to be friends.

Sincerely your biggest fan,


Ok, now less crazy and more muffins!


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