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Can You Dig It?

I have been inspired lately with all these lovely photos of Cherry Clafoutis floating around on the interwebs. I was originally tempted to try one out myself, but I was in the mood for something a little different. Something rich. Something decadent.

Behold the Cherry Brownie Clafoutis!

Ok, so it's not really a clafoutis by definition, but it is quite awesome in it's own right.

I had envisioned cooling these little personal brownies then turning them upside down to have them pop out effortlessly into these squiggly cubes of chocolate cherry bliss.

That didn't happened.

Instead I pounded on the bottom of one ramekin until the heel of my hand hurt. I then proceeded to turn it right side up, grab my spoon and just dig in. That works too. Plus they do look pretty irresistibly darling in these adorable square ramekins.


The Debate: Brownie or Cookie?

Is it a cookie?

a. Yes
b. No
c. Maybe

Is it a brownie?

a. No
b. Yes
c. Maybe

Does it matter?

a. Yes
b. No
c. Heck no! Can I eat it now?

Would you step over your own mother for a bite of one?

a. Um no
b. Maybe
c. Shamefully yes

Mostly a's: Really? Are you feeling alright?

Mostly b's: I think you need to take another look at that picture.

Mostly c's: I like you. Let's be friends. By the way, this is the cookie for you.


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