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Antique Silver Spoon Ring Giveaway.

I have something super special for you today! I've recently been gushing about the anticipated arrival of my lovely antique silver spoon ring on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I am happy to say that it arrived today from Dan at Dank Artistry in Ames, Iowa. It came a long way to fit perfectly and prettily on my thumb.

Dan is a talented artist that turns his immense silverware collection into beautiful pieces of jewelry including bracelets, earrings, necklaces and, of course, rings. He carries countless designs from all over the world and some centuries old! Each piece has a story to tell and would turn more than a few heads at your next cocktail party.

I decided I would share my experience with you all and, when I asked, Dan was thrilled to offer one of his most popular rings for a generous giveaway! I thought since antique spoons are so trendy in food photography right now it seemed only fitting to wear one on my finger and why not yours too!

The ring for this giveaway is a breathtaking Orange Blossom pattern from 1910. The design is incredibly detailed with gorgeous orange blossoms that wrap all the way around the ring. What's even better is Dan has been kind enough to size the ring to fit your finger perfectly! Orange blossom is one of my favourite scents and reminds me of vacationing in Florida with my family as a teenager.

Perhaps you're a spoon collector, jewelry connoisseur, avid gardener, or a fan of the delicious fruit. Whatever the reason, this ring is for you! Perfect for attending parties, going antiquing or a lifetime!


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