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And The Winner Is…

Kathryn you are the winner of the Zeke's Candy Company butterscotch! You are in for a treat for sure!

Just email me at hotpolkadot (at) live (dot) com to claim your prize and give me your mailing address to receive your sweet treat.

Thank you to everyone else who entered!

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Hopscotch to Butterscotch

I have a super sweet giveaway for you today! Aren't you lucky?

Zeke's Candy Company is run by the cutest couple, Sheila and Jeff Cotton. They named the company after Sheila's colourful uncle Zeke who always made the most delicious old-fashioned butterscotch. They still hold true to Zeke's 150 year old recipe and now make it for all the world to enjoy.

It's made with only the finest natural ingredients like grade AA creamery butter, pure cane sugar and unsulphured molasses. Instead of being poured into moulds, the butterscotch is shattered into organic amber shards like brittle. It literally melts in your mouth if you make sure to follow Zeke's sage advice, “suck, don't chew”. It's the perfect snack for the gourmet candy lover!

Now that I've got your mouth watering...

The kind folks at Zeke's Candy Company are generously offering a box of their amazing butterscotch to one lucky winner. Read on for how to enter this yummy giveaway!


Refined Sugar.

I'm busy preparing for a takeover sleepover this weekend so I'll have to keep this brief.

As if three preteen girls need any help in the hyperactive department, I decided I would be a swell idea to feed them at least three different kinds of sugar with this Maple Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread.

Granulated sugar, brown sugar and maple syrup. They'll never sleep. Ever.

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a vacuum cleaner with my name on it.


How To Tuesday: Master of Disguise.

  I have been dying to share this simple and resourceful DIY idea with you for what has felt like ages. It's so easy but yields beautiful results! I'm sure just about everyone has unsightly yet necessary blemishes on their walls at home. Maybe an electrical panel, an intercom, a doorbell or a thermostat. I'd like to propose a ridiculously simple solution that you may or may not have thought of.

Cover ugly wall fixtures with pretty art! Because sometimes you need to access to these wall fixtures I'm going to show you two ways to install the artwork: fixed and hinged. I have been suffering the ugliness of the doorbell speaker above my pantry and the outdated thermostat in my dining room for far too long.

Artwork is the best way to brighten any dull room and covering unsightly wall fixtures is just an added bonus. If you're lucky enough you might have a clever friend to paint you a lovely work of art like this one of the sunflowers and bumblebees. You could also paint one yourself like I did with the tree silhouettes. Or there's always the option to buy a painting either from an Ikea or a gallery or anywhere in between.


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