Tea Time.

Recently I tried to take up tea drinking. Ever since the great teatastophe of ’97 I made the informed decision to henceforth swear off tea in all its guises. Iced tea. Green tea ice cream. Long Island iced tea. Matcha cake. It was just awful. I sipped a bit of my mom’s green tea and made a funny face. I was traumatized.

Despite my tainted past with tea, over the years I have acquired a handsome collection of tea related things. Tea towels, tea cups, saucers, tea spoons, cream and sugar sets, cute napkins. It got me thinking, maybe I like tea after all.

I was going to give tea another chance. Maybe we could get reacquainted and become fast friends. I’m sure we just got off on the wrong foot. Perhaps it was high time for some high tea.

I had it in my head I was going to throw tea parties with all my civilized tiny hat wearing buddies. We were going to sit in my dining room all prim and proper with our ankles delicately crossed. We were going to sip fancy earl grey and chamomile out of dainty pink cups with our pinkies out. We were going to gossip and giggle and nibble on petit fours.

I mean what better place to show off my Royal Wedding worthy feather fascinator right?

Alas it was not meant to be. Tea and I just don’t get along. I made the face again. It wasn’t pretty.

There is one part of tea time I think we can all agree is the very best part. The treats. The tiny individual cakes, the gooey squares, the cute cookies, the powdery truffles, the glazed tarts. Because if you take away the tea isn’t a tea party just a swanky buffet?

And none of that roast beef and shrimp crap. The good stuff. The end of the buffet we all save ourselves for. Let’s all just admit it. You might have stuffed yourself with more than your money’s worth, but you just can’t refuse that spread of sugary bliss on top of everything. Even if it means that you don’t feel physically capable of eating another bite for at least another week.

Here’s my contribution to tea time. The best part. The star. The crowd pleaser. The treat. Cardamom Clementine Cookies. They’re light and airy with the floral scent of cardamom and the subtle brightness of citrus. I’m guessing they’d go well with a steaming cup of chai tea, but I’m certainly no expert. You’ll have to let me know!

Cardamom Clementine Cookies

Makes about 3 dozen cookies.

Source: My imagination.

1 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
1 1/2 cup granulated sugar
2 tbsp clementine zest
1 tbsp clementine juice
2 eggs
2 1/2 cup flour
1 tsp cardamom
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt

1/4 cup granulated sugar

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Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and position a rack in the center. Line your baking sheets with parchment paper and set them aside.

In a large bowl, with an electric mixer, cream together the butter and sugar. Add the clementine zest, juice and eggs then mix until they’re just blended.

In a separate bowl whisk together the flour, cardamom, baking powder and salt. Add it to the butter mixture and combine it well.

Separate the dough into 2 even balls and wrap one in plastic wrap to save it from drying out before you need it. On a floured surface, roll out the unwrapped dough ball. Using a medium round cookie cutter, cut out the cookies and place them on the prepared baking sheets. Dip the flat bottom of a glass in the reserved sugar then very lightly press the sugar into each cookie. A little tip to get the sugar to stick to the glass, first press the glass into the unused cookie dough. Bake them for about 7 – 10 minutes until the edges start to turn a light golden brown. Transfer them to a cooling rack. Enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Tea Time.

  1. Liren

    If I had to choose, I would have to say I’m more of a coffee than tea gal, BUT, I agree wholeheartedly that the treats (along with the pomp and circumstance) of tea time is utterly alluring. And fascinating. (I’ve always found the name “fascinator”, well, fascinating!

  2. Steph@stephsbitebybite

    These cookies sound so light and refreshing. I would think that they’re the perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of tea!

  3. Rachel @ My Naturally Frugal Family

    Oh I love tea..and these cookies do appear to be a perfect compliment. So gorgeous and light in appearance.

  4. Tina@flourtrader

    I am a big fan of cardamon and glad to find a tasty cookie using this spice. Also like that you brought some citrus into the equation! Perfect for high tea in the afternoon. Thanks for sharing this one-yum!

  5. Marsha @ The Harried Cook

    I like my tea black and with lots of sugar and a slice of lemon and these cookies would be perfect with a cup! They look delicious! Thanks for sharing

  6. Beth Michelle

    What a perfect combination! Cardamom and clementine are so perfect for each other. These cookies must be delicious.

  7. kita

    Welcome back girl! I was just thinking about you the other day (saw a necklace on etsy that I had to share – its lost to the pinterest sea now). As always, your photography is perfect!

    1. Lindsey

      Thanks Kita! Tea is one of those things I want to love, but can’t quite manage it. Kind of like mushrooms and lobster.

  8. Olivia

    Hi, I’m a new reader. Your cookies sound delicious! Just wanted to share a little advice on tea. I’m a coffee drinker myself, but I have a cup of tea around 3pm everyday at work. The best tea’s to drink are the loose leaf tea’s. I used to drink tea’s in filter bags, pyramid shaped bags, silk bags, you name it. Once I tried loose leaf, I never went back to bags. I usually order from Red Blossom Tea company. I usually get the Oolong Formosa’s—Jing Xuan, to be specific. Check it out. Read the description and you’ll know why I fell in love Hope this converts you back to tea drinking again.

  9. Yer pa

    Forget about high tea. That’s for fussy people. I’m more of a low tea guy, myself and maybe it’s due to my preference for the lowly orange pekoe. Ive tried some of the upper-crust teas like chai and chamomile, but they are quite incompatible to my palate. To me, chamomile tastes like the stuff you scrape off the bottom of your lawn mower. While I’ve never actually tasted that stuff, it’s not too hard to make that association. Next time you do a batch of cookies, sit down with a cup, no, a MUG of good ol’ western orange pekoe with an ample amount of whole milk and a teaspoon of honey. Smooth. No funny face, just a satisfying smile.

  10. Roxana GreenGirl { A little bit of everything}

    Welcome back Lindsey! I sure missed reading you!

    have you tried adding few drops of milk to your tea? OMG! I couldn’t believe how much better it makes the tea! No wonder the Royals drink the tea with milk!

  11. Ann

    Lemon Zinger, ugh!!!!!! Hideous!!!!! And I love, love, love tea. Mandarin Orange Spice is the way to go, and Bigelow’s ‘Constant Comment’ is marvelous.


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