Antique Silver Spoon Ring Giveaway.

I have something super special for you today! I’ve recently been gushing about the anticipated arrival of my lovely antique silver spoon ring on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I am happy to say that it arrived today from Dan at Dank Artistry in Ames, Iowa. It came a long way to fit perfectly and prettily on my thumb.

Dan is a talented artist that turns his immense silverware collection into beautiful pieces of jewelry including bracelets, earrings, necklaces and, of course, rings. He carries countless designs from all over the world and some centuries old! Each piece has a story to tell and would turn more than a few heads at your next cocktail party.

I decided I would share my experience with you all and, when I asked, Dan was thrilled to offer one of his most popular rings for a generous giveaway! I thought since antique spoons are so trendy in food photography right now it seemed only fitting to wear one on my finger and why not yours too!

The ring for this giveaway is a breathtaking Orange Blossom pattern from 1910. The design is incredibly detailed with gorgeous orange blossoms that wrap all the way around the ring. What’s even better is Dan has been kind enough to size the ring to fit your finger perfectly! Orange blossom is one of my favourite scents and reminds me of vacationing in Florida with my family as a teenager.

Perhaps you’re a spoon collector, jewelry connoisseur, avid gardener, or a fan of the delicious fruit. Whatever the reason, this ring is for you! Perfect for attending parties, going antiquing or a lifetime!

How to Enter:

   1. Leave a comment here telling me about your favourite piece of jewelry in your jewelry box. Maybe an antique brooch,        fishing lure earrings or a treasured friendship bracelet. I’d love to know!
   2. Follow me on Twitter, tweet the contest (Visit @Hot_Polka_Dot to enter to win a beautiful handmade antique silver        spoon ring! Sure to turn more than a few heads! and leave another comment here telling me        you’ve done so.
   3. Like me on Facebook and leave even another comment here telling me you’ve done so.
   4. Become my friend on Foodbuzz and leave yet another comment here telling me you’ve done so.

Contest Details:

   – If you’re already following me on Twitter, liking me on Facebook, or my friend on Foodbuzz that’s ok! You’re entries still      count!
   – Only a maximum of four entries per person will be permitted in the ways I’ve designated above.
   – Anyone in the world is welcome to enter.
   – Upon winning please email me at hotpolkadot (at) live (dot) com to claim your prize, tell me your ring size and give me      your mailing address to receive the ring.
   – All emails and addresses will be kept confidential.

Contest Deadline:

The contest will be open through the weekend and be closed on Wednesday August 10th at 9pm MST. I will close the comments at this time so make sure to get your entries in soon! The winner will be chosen at random and announced Thursday morning. Make sure to get in as many extra entries you can for a better chance to win!

The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered! To see who won look here.

29 thoughts on “Antique Silver Spoon Ring Giveaway.

  1. meg

    I think your favorite things are those that you wear most. I always wear two rings…my engagement/wedding band combo and a ring that both I and our adopted son’s birthmother have. I found this twisted rope ring and we gave her one on the day our son was born during the ceremony where she handed him over to us. It symbolizes our lives and how they are always “roped” together now.

  2. Stephanie

    Favorite piece is an engraved bracelet from the late 1800′s given to my great-grandmother by my great-grandfather.

  3. Danielle

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a pair of silver stud earings. They go with everything and I wear them all the time!

  4. Cfreeman

    My fav is an old blue pin I received from my grandmother when she passed and I wore on my wedding day as my something old. It is very unique.

  5. Shannon

    My favorite piece of jewelery is a ring that my mom recently gave to me for my birthday. It says Phil 4:13 “I can do everything through hiim who gives me strength.” I love it and wear it every day!

  6. Dara

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a neckace from the Museum of Modern Art given to me by my dad. He bought it on a business trip because I had admired it in a catalog, never ever imagining I would ever own it. I wear it all the time. I love my dad.

  7. Scattered Laura

    I have a silver pendant with a garnet on that I found buried in my garden when I was just a little girl. Back then, I thought it must have been left in the mud by some kind of careless faerie. As such, it MUST have magical powers… or perhaps it was some kind of talisman meant just for me…

  8. Nicole Herbold

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a vintage ring I have from my Great-Grandmother–it is a beautiful yet simple white gold and mini-diamond arrangement from the 1910s-1920s. I believe it was her wedding band. She always had it one, and now I do too.

  9. Amanda

    My favorite piece of jewelry is an antique ring my Grandmum bought for me on this cute little street of shops on the beach.

  10. Becca

    My favorite piece is an amber ring that I bought in Athens, Greece…at a tiny jewelry shop right next to my hostel. It had to be fitted for me, and when she called me to come pick it up I got lost on the subway….and she waited an extra hour at her store for me. Not only is it beautiful, but it reminds me everyday of the beautiful and generous people I met on my travels!!

  11. Carly Jones

    My favorite pieces of jewelry are my grandfather’s wedding ring, which I have worn on my right middle finger since he passed away, and then there is my simple yet elegant engagement ring, which was my husband’s grandmother’s.

  12. Elisa B.

    One of favorites is a necklace my aunt bought me one summer when I was feeling blue and struggling a little bit with life. It’s a little pewter bee charm hanging over a hand stamped “happy” tag. A daily reminder from her to “bee happy” and not let life get you down.

  13. Wendi

    I liked you on FB and… favorite jewelery changes all the time! I hand make jewelery (addictive!), and so I just tend to grab whatever I recently made. Steampunk, polymer clay, acid etched metal–whatever catches my fancy.


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