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Fashionably Late Friday: Yellow And Navy Heaven.

Yellow and Navy Heaven

Blousson Noir Waistcoat With Leather Straps, Southwards Chevron Tank, Miss Me Paisley Skinny Stretch Jean, MICHAEL Michael Kors Semi Rimless Aviator Sunglasses, Puma Originals Mono Grip Bag, Shiekh Yellow Platform Pumps, John Lewis Tipped Edge Bow Trilby Hat, Owl Ring, Yellow Peacock Feather Bracelet, Stephan & Co. Double Feather Earrings, Essie Midnight Cami Nail Polish.

There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission.

Yes, you're in the right place. This is still Hot Polka Dot. I'm just shaking things up a little bit.

This is completely new territory for me. I've never talked to you about my love for skinny jeans, motorcycle vests, aviators, or fedoras. Starting now we're going to be trying something new every week called Fashionably Late Friday where I express my love for things like oversized bangles, printed scarves, cameo brooches and demi dresses.

Don't be scared. I'm still going to bake you up some sweetness every week too. Duh! Don't you eat your cupcakes in stiletto heels too? There's more to me than sugar and spice so now I'm going to start showing you the everything nice part.

This little number is something I like to call Yellow and Navy Heaven. It's a really trendy combo right now and I would wear this to the movies, out shopping or heck I'd wear it to bed because I'd never want to take it off!


How To Tuesday: Photography Composition Part I.

I had a tasty idea for you today. It had something to do with raspberries, lemons, sugar and lots of it. But as you can see, no raspberries, no lemons and certainly no sugar.

Instead this tuesday I decided to bring you something a little different. Over the past few months I'm not afraid to admit that my photography skills have improved threefold since my humble beginnings with my little point and shoot. It surprises even me sometimes when I compare the vast differences between my old photos and my new ones. Many of you have made such sweet comments about my photos and have expressed an interest in my techniques.

So I thought I would share what I've learned about photography and reveal the tips and tricks behind taking a successful photo. Over the next few weeks I'll turn How To Tuesdays into basic photography tutorials so you too can benefit from my experience. Today let's start simply with composition, more specifically, the rule of thirds.

The rule of thirds is a simple concept to help you achieve an aesthetically pleasing photo composition. Basically you divide the photo into thirds horizontally and vertically so you have 9 equal rectangles. Wherever those lines lay or intersect you should place an area of focus or visual interest.

You can do this one of three ways. You can rely on your eyes and visually divide the shot into thirds. Don't sell your eyes short! You'd be surprised how accurate that method is. Many digital SLR cameras have the option to view the lines for the rule of thirds on the viewfinder. This is really handy and allows you to compose your image live as well as decreasing your need for cropping. Most photo editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom allow you to see the rule of thirds grid while you're cropping your photos. I use a combination of my eyes and cropping depending on the photo and composition.

My photo of the bumblebee is a great example of the rule of thirds. You can see how I started out by cropped the photo in Photoshop. You didn't know how much more there was to that photo did you?


How To Tuesday: Eggcellent.

   I know what you're thinking. I know how to boil an egg! Sure, everyone does. It's not really that hard. I'm sure you've boiled more than your fair share of eggs and they've all turned out fine. But then I'm sure you've also had a few batches of eggs that were less than fine.

Maybe the shell stubbornly and inexplicably stuck to the egg so the only way you could peel it off was to brutally mutilate the poor defenseless egg until all that was left was a pile of broken bits of white and yellow.

Or the shells cracked and unsightly half cooked egg goo oozed out into the boiling water to create this amoebas alien egg.

Or you're happy with the shape of the eggs but while preparing deviled eggs for a special occasion you slice into the yolk only to discover it's tinted a rather unappetizing shade of green.

Well I'm here today to make sure that never happens again. I'll help you understand the science behind boiling an egg and I'll reveal to you the little tips and tricks behind the perfect hard boiled egg.


Bumblebees and Blueberries.

The last few days have been wet and dreary. It feels like the rain and chill are interminable and we'll never see the sun come out from behind the dark clouds.

The air is thick with the fresh earthy scent of fresh rain. If you venture outside even for a moment you return with frizzy rain hair, water droplets decorating it like a halo of mini lights.

The normally cheerful pansies drop their tiny faces to the ground under the weight of a few raindrops. But nothing seems to dampen the spirits of this determined little bumblebee. He buzzes from flower to fragrant flower and seems to inject new life and colour into the otherwise grey world.

I decided I'd pick up where the sweet bumblebee left off and bake up some happiness of my own. There's nothing like fresh from the oven Blueberry Vanilla Bean Muffins to brighten your morning. The sweet scent of vanilla paired with the bursting flavour of blueberry.


How To Tuesday: Bouquet of Tulips.

When I made my Chocolate Banana Cinnamon Muffins I got a lot of questions about how to make your own tulip baking cups. I described it briefly in the recipe but I thought it would be better if I just showed you.

You can buy tulip baking cups but why bother spending money on something that you can make for next to free? You know I'm all about saving money. Plus sometimes we're human and run out of important stuff like baking cups. It's nice to know we forgetful folk have options. It's just a clever trick to dress up even the plainest muffins.


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