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How To Tuesday: My Sweet Josephine.

After seeing Kristin's friendship bracelet giveaway on Idle Wife, I've hauled out my old bracelet books and thread from when I was a kid. Naturally I've been furiously making all sorts of bracelets. After making six friendship bracelets in two days I decided I needed a new pattern. Following an extensive google session I found these beautiful recycled t-shirt bracelets and vowed to make them my own.

And now you can too! Because you should. Really.

All you need is...

2 pieces of fabric about 18 x 6 inches
2 ribbon clamps (found at Michaels)
2 jump rings
1 clasp

Cut 2 pieces of fabric from your t-shirt about 18 x 6 inches. Fold up the fabric lengthwise to hide the unfinished edges and lay them next to each other.

Make a loop with the first scrap and lay it over top of the second. Take the second piece and lay it over the end of the loop you just made.

Take that end and alternate weaving it under and over the remaining fabric lengths. Grasp all four ends and pull it tight to your liking. You may need to fluff some areas of the knot and tighten others.

Pair up the ends of fabric and wrap it snugly around your wrist. Measure the length you'd like and cut it accordingly. Take the pairs and fit them each into an open ribbon clamp then securely shut them in place with the pliers. Attach the jump rings and clasp.

And there you have it! A one of a kind bracelet made especially for you for next to nothing! Try experimenting with two colours, patterned and solid fabrics.

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  1. I am soooo not good at DIY but this is adorable looking. I’m not one to wear bracelets unless they really look different and neat to me. I guess I can put this idea right next to those pringle can cupcake holders I tried last spring that are still sitting on my desk (didn’t end well)…. I will try one day though! I promise!!!

  2. Aww, brat! I was totally, 100% looking at these knots for you, like, two days ago! Why don’t we have a farmer’s market booth next year?!

  3. How cute! These are next on my DIY to-do list :) Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Since I have to go to Goodwill and Dollar Tree next week for t-shirts to use in another project, I think I’ll make sure I have some scraps to make this one, too! What a neat idea, thanks! :)

  5. Great project! I just wanted to let you know that we featured this project on our Facebook page with over 15,000 fans. We’d love it if you’d use our Featured Blogger button, available at: Our audience loved the project and we look forward to sharing more from you. Please let us know if you have any questions or projects you’d love us to feature! Thanks!

  6. Help! I’m new to this and can’t figure out how to get all the end pieces stuffed into the ribbon clasp! There seems to be way to much fabric?!?

    • Hi Karen! Don’t panic! It helps to taper the ends of the fabric a little bit with scissors once you get the knot the way you like it. Let me know if you need anymore help. :)

  7. I cannot figure out how to do this past the loop part, I feel like such a failure but I love the bracelet. Really wish I could figure it out.

  8. Hey! Great tut! Can’t wait to start making some of my own – I’ve got way too many old tops going to waste!

    Orls xx

  9. i am kinda confused on the third step with the weaving…I can’t get it.

  10. found this from pinterest!!! love this! thank you so much for sharing!! <3! i'm a hairstylist and just started a hair blog…swing by and check it out when you get a second!! thank you!!

  11. I cannot for the life of me get this knot right… whenever I try to tighten it it just falls apart. What am I doing wrong?

  12. I think it might be a little easier to understand the 3rd step if you had used 2 differnt fabrics. It just all blends together at that step. Very cute tho!

  13. This is sooo cute! The knot website helped me a lot, and I finally got it! Love it, thanks so much!! yeay for pinterest haha

  14. makeing them for my grand daughter , she will love them , thanks so much.

  15. I must be the only one who does not understand the knotting procedure. Cute bracelet though.

  16. so pretty…..and i have an idea for you that i tried and liked…before i did any sewing, i slipped a big watch face on the material and it becomes a watch bracelet !!! i love mine…

  17. am I the only one that can’t get the knot??? I tried that tutorial… which knot am I trying to do??? LOVE the bracelet … . desperate to make some…. but… can’t get past that first loop!!

  18. Wow, so cute, but I can’t get the third step either. Tried the Josephine knot, no luck. Maybe need 2 extra pics in there- it isn’t clear if the over and under is on the top or below your first loop. Sorry! I gave up.

  19. how long would the pieces have to be if i were to make a headband?

  20. it’s jus’ so awesome ! gonna make one and gift it to my best friend on this friendship day ! :)

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