How To Tuesday: Pop Goes The Garlic.

There are a few schools of thought on the best way to peel garlic. Some people crush it under a chef’s knife. Some people soak the cloves in cold water. Some people just diligently pick away at the skin with their fingernails.

I used to use the latter method until a few months back when I discovered a quick and easy way to peel garlic. I’ve been doing it this way ever since and been able to avoid messy juice, slippery knife cuts, garlicky fingernails and dirtying another bowl.

Want to know how? Sure you do!

Grasp the clove vertically between your thumb and first finger.

Squeeze it slightly so the clove begins to bend and you hear a satisfying snap when the skin pops away from the garlic flesh.

Slide your fingernail underneath the skin and easily pull it off the clove.

Now you’re left with a beautifully skinned clove all shiny and whole. Easy peasy!

19 thoughts on “How To Tuesday: Pop Goes The Garlic.

  1. Lori Lynn

    Hi Lindsey – in all my years of cooking I have never tried this…and cook with garlic almost every day! Thanks for the tip, I’ll try your method at dinner tonight, making sautéed Chinese spinach in about a half hour.

  2. Liren

    Hi Lindsey! I’m one to smash the heck out a garlic clove (either with chef’s knife or mortar and pestle), but I love this trick! I’m off to try it right now

  3. kristin

    Wow. I don’t know what I expected but that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that method. Everyone always uses some dumb gadget or some dumb technique, but this is actually something I would do. I’m going to try it, that’s for sure! I LOVE garlic. I usually smash mine under my knife — actually, I have this little stump and mushroom that are specifically for smashing a clove of garlic, but it’s just easier to do it with my knife (the stump and mushroom smasher set was on clearance and TOO ADORBS to pass up — I gotta work them into a photo one of these days).

    1. Lindsey

      I’d never buy a gadget to peel or dice garlic. It’s just way too easy to do it on your own and at least you don’t have to worry about washing a silly tool that has dried up garlic stuck inside it. Your stump and mushroom smasher sound so cute! You should do a post with your favourite kitchen gadgets or something.

      1. kristin

        Yeah like that stupid garlic tube thing that Martha Stewart was all over! I was like, really? Martha? Really? I expected better from you!

  4. Claudie

    That’s exactly how I used to peel garlic The only issue I still had with it was that the skin would stick to mine… But then I discovered that “roll”-kind of accessory in which you roll the clove, and it comes out clean. Have you seen it? I just love it.

  5. Pat simington

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