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Tuesday Tip: Cry Me A River.

To avoid tears when you're chopping an onion make sure to use a very sharp knife and work quickly. Instead of using forceful up and down chopping motions slide the knife forward or back when slicing into the onion. This way you let the knife do the work and avoid releasing a lot of juices from the onion which form sulfuric acid when they react with the moisture in your eyes.

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  1. So I was in a store the other day and I saw onions goggles, that apparently keep you from crying. You’ll look ridiculous, but you won’t be crying! I’m kind of skeptical…

  2. also, if you cut the onion lengthwise, you’ll avoid tearing up. onion cells are long, so there won’t be as many cut as if you chop it in half.

  3. I was always told you should put them in the refrigerator first. My problem is I never plan far enough ahead to get them cold.

  4. I usually leave the peeled onion in water for about 30 minutes before chopping and doesn’t seem to make me cry

  5. thanks for the tip. this post reminds me of the time when my boyfriend grated onions for his lasagna. yeap, he grated them…he won’t do it anymore in the future. lol

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