Hot Polka Dot

Autumn in a Bite.

Autumn has officially arrived. There was resistance at first. You better believe it.

I didn't want to relinquish my iron grip on Summer with it's melting popsicles, hot breezes and sunny afternoons. I'd have to say goodbye to sun tanning, BBQs and picnics. Don't even mention all the flowers, beaches and campfires I'd be missing.

Then the leaves started changing and I realized I could wear jeans without roasting to death. I do love pretty colours. I'm also pretty fond of my jeans.

So you won me over Autumn. You hear that? You just might be my favourite season, ok? Are you happy now?

So I made cookies for Autumn to smooth over our awkward new relationship. They have apple. They have cinnamon. They have caramel. They're pretty much Autumn in a bite.


And the Winner Is…

Katie from Band-Aids and Baking you are the winner! Lucky number eleven! You've won yourself a box full of Nestlé Toll House goodies! I'm sure you'll put them to good use.

Please email me at hotpolkadot (at) live (dot) com to give me your mailing address and I'll ship you the Nestlé Toll House Back to School Kit right away!



Project Food Blog #2: Voting Opened!

Hi folks! I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your votes for my first Project Food Blog challenge. Because of all of you I advanced to the next round! I couldn't be happier!

It's voting time again for the second challenge. It all depends on you now. I would be so grateful if you could vote for my second entry to Project Food Blog.

If you're not already a member of Foodbuzz all you have to do is...

Head on over to and click on “Join Foodbuzz” at the top.
Create an account with a username, email and password. Painless right?
Then go here and vote for me by clicking that purdy little heart above my banner.

Voting for this challenge will be open from Monday, September 27th until Thursday, September 30th. You only get to vote for me once, but if one vote just doesn't feel like enough then you could go a step further and “like” my entry, for those of you on Facebook, and even “tweet” about it, for those of you on Twitter. Those buttons are right next to the little heart.

To keep up to date with my future entries to Project Food Blog and my goings on at Foodbuzz then become my friend. We can be BFFs. Or you can check out my official contestant profile here.

I really appreciate your support! Thank you all!


Project Food Blog #2: The Classics.

“Ready to tackle a classic dish from another culture? Pick an ethnic classic that is outside your comfort zone or are not as familiar with. You should include how you arrived at this decision in your post. Do your research then try to pull off successfully creating this challenge. Try to keep the dish as authentic as the real deal, and document your experience through a compelling post.”

I represent a diverse combination of cultures from around the world. On my dad's side there's Irish, Scottish and possibly a little Native Canadian mixed in there somewhere, but we're not too sure. On my mom's side there's Dutch and Indonesian.

I could have chosen to make any classic dish from any culture, but that wouldn't be as meaningful. Sure it would probably be delicious and I'd learn a lot about it, but I'd prefer to learn a bit about my own culture and, in turn, learn something about myself.

I'm pretty familiar with Scottish, Irish and Dutch food so I opted for something a little outside my comfort zone and also very challenging. Though I am part Indonesian I've never tried any Indonesian desserts like this Kue Lapis Legit (Indonesian) a.k.a. Spekkoek (Dutch) a.k.a. Thousand Layer Cake.

Through my research I found out that this cake was born out of the colonial period in Indonesia when Dutch settlers were melding with the native people. Both cultures influenced each other and out of the diverse sharing of traditions came this cake. Dutch baking methods collided with Indonesian spices.

The symbolism of the layers is poetic. Two cultures, both unique and beautiful, both contributing equally to make something sweet. Everyone has their layers and we would be lucky if they were made of sugar and spice and everything nice.

I like to picture my beautiful Indonesian great great grandmother baking this cake with her loving Dutch husband. It's a sweltering morning on the island of Sumatra and the lazy breeze sends the scent of this new cake whirling through the settlement past banana trees and around mischievous monkeys. She hums a curious tune to herself as she adds the final layer to the cake while he puts another log in the oven.


Giveaway: Bake Up Memories With Nestlé Toll House!

Hey guess what?

I've got another giveaway for you! Yay! We love free things!

The kind folks at Nestlé Toll House sent me two of these awesome Back To School Kits the other day and, wouldn't you know, one is for me and the other is for you!

It's filled with loads of fun stuff like Chocolate Mini Toppers, matching aprons for you and your little one, a handful of free coupons for other Nestlé goodies, recipe cards to make some super yummy things and even some adorable sticky notes to stash in lunch bags to surprise your little ones.

It's all for you!

The Back To School Kit is all about reconnecting with your family with a batch of cookies or while decorating some cupcakes. Isn't that precious? Some of my fondest memories take place in the kitchen and Nestlé Toll House wants to help you make your own.


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