Gadget and a Giveaway.

Isn’t she pretty? You might have noticed the quality of the photos in my recent posts was far greater than previously. Presenting my new toy, the Canon EOS Digital Rebel SLR Camera. Well not new really. My Dad, who is a gifted photographer, gave her to me a while back, but she never felt useful until now.

She just makes the food look more scrumptious doesn’t she?

Oh, what’s that you ask?

That deliciously adorable little stack of crispy melt in your mouth sugar cookies right there?

Those button-shaped, ribbon-laced, sugar-coated dreams?

The ones in the pretty box?

It’s my very first giveaway, that’s what.

Yes, my friends they could all be yours. It’s my way of saying thank you to you lovely people in celebration of reaching 100 fans on Hot Polka Dot’s facebook fan page.

All you have to do is comment below and tell me a story about your favourite cookies.

I like stories.

I like cookies.

Who doesn’t?

Then on the night of Friday March 12th I will announce the winner chosen at random and mail you this box of Cute as a Button Sugar Cookies made with love by yours truly. If you win of course you’ll have to give me your mailing address but be sure that will be kept confidential.

Good luck!

Aaaand begin!

Contest Closed. Congratulations Diane!

7 thoughts on “Gadget and a Giveaway.

  1. Kim

    Well I will start this off! Only because I love baking too.. AAANd cookies! haha! This is just a blurb about our family recipe of Chocolate chip cookies…. So my mom made these cookies while we were growing up… and pretty sure her mom made them before her… but anyway..

  2. Diane Poirier

    It was Christmas in the 50′s and my brother and I could smell my Mother’s melt in your mouth shortbread cookies baking in the oven. We knew my Mother would hide them so she could serve them when family or friends dropped in during the festive season. One day when my Mother was out, we found them in a huge metal Humpty Dumpty potato chip container in our basement and served them to our friends. We ate and ate in secret until the tin was almost empty. My mother never said a word, but soon after she was back to baking shortbread cookies!

  3. Cornelia

    Okay, so I don’t bake a lot. Therefore I don’t have any stories about baking. I don’t think I could even muster up anything past a few sentences about my favourite cookies. SO. I will make up a story featuring…. MY FAVOURITE COOKIES!

  4. Iris

    Yay free things! OK, cookie story: Remember those girl guide cookies that tasted like mint and chocolate? Not the ones that come in vanilla or chocolate, but the other, MUCH better kind? (I want one so bad right now!) Anyway, when I was maybe eight or so, I had a friend over and I was having a craving for that wonderful combination of chocolate and mint. Neither of us being girl guides, and it probably not being girl guide cookie season anyway, we had to get creative, so we went outside to my mother’s garden and picked a bunch of mint, shredded it up, and essentially made a giant chocolate chip mint cookie. More like a cake really. The end result was pretty disappointing but at least I can use the story for this giveaway.

  5. Brenda Dunlay

    I have always made chocolate chip cookies for my family and friends. When the kids were younger they always called them softie cookies. Whenever there is a family function I was always asked to bring my cookies. Different family members have asked me for the recipe and I have gladly given it to them but they all say i am leaving a ingredient out (which i would never do).

  6. Judy

    I’m really enjoying these cookie stories! Many are about cookies that have stood the test of time and evoke warm fuzzy memories. Cookies that have become family traditions, are savoured and loved. There are many of those in our family and it is difficult to choose. So my cookie story is not of cookies past or present but of cookies yet to be.


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